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All About Mack

MacQuinn is steadily becoming Mack. Oh, I suppose he can always be “MacQuinn” if and when he wants, but to be honest, someone called him “MacQuinn” a few weeks ago and I had no idea who they were talking about. He’s Mack. Sometimes Mac-Q. Sometimes Mr. Mac-Q. He’s 2.5. I was all set to write […]

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small boy watches maypole dance

20-25/365 Photo Challenge

365 Photo challenge I was feeling a little overwhelmed this past week and just really… really struggling to implement some of the changes I’m reading about, capture the images I see in my mind’s eye and live with the life that’s going on around me. You know? If you are up for the 365 Photo Challenge,it’s […]

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42 (& The Nature of Fear)

I wasn’t going to talk about my actual age anymore. It feels limiting and makes me feel boxed in a bit. Like, you are supposed to be or do x,y.z by the time you are 1,2,3. You are grown up and responsible at given set of numbers and you aren’t supposed to live boldly anymore […]

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round house with snap peas


That’s what it is up here on our hill. It’s kind of surreal to me that I was sick from the anxiety of coming back only a short while ago – did that really happen??!! Was I really so stressed out? But, yeah and yeah. Now that the bulk of the basic work has been […]

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child looking down with light all around her

Tell Me Why

6 years ago I went to the hospital for an ultrasound. I had recently suffered a second trimester miscarriage and needed to know that the Rainbow Baby that I was carrying was alive. She was. But with fluid separating her skin from her body – a condition called “diffuse fetal hydrops” and with heart holes, […]

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a small girl - Moxie - with light brown/dark blonde hair focuses on her honey stick (literally, a plastic bag shaped like a stick that is filled with honey)

13-19 of 365 Photo Challenge

Great week! 365 Photo challenge For this past week, I was trying to get my ISO fixed. I set the meter on my camera to a fixed 100 and maximum of 8000, and shot primarily in Aperture Priority. Are you in? Hashtag your photos on Instagram #photoswithmeriah to share your photos from this 365 Photo […]

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Micah Walks Around the Sun

Micah’s class in The Best School Ever has a super-cool ceremony called “The Walk Around the Sun”. Parents help their child write down special events or memories from each year of the child’s life. These are read, year by year, as the child walks around a lit candle. One turn around the candle is one year […]

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Mack is sleeping on a red pillow that is on a green carpet. He looks really squishy and cute.

9-12 of 365 Photo Challenge: #photoswithmeriah

365 Photo Challenge Trying something different here – Photo Friday on A Little Moxie – a week’s worth of my daily photo challenge, including updates on what I’m reading, goals, and specific techniques I’m working on. Want to join in? Awesome! Tag it #photoswithmeriah on Instagram and leave a link to your own blog post […]

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a collage of ikea direction people

What Ikea and Marriage Have in Common

Ikea and marriage have a lot in common, don’t they? I mean, you walk into the Ikea showroom and look at all that great-looking stuff, with great-looking prices. It’s easy to imagine how awesome that furniture is going to look in your place, all crisp and new. With fun little Swedish names, to boot! You […]

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Meriah Nichols Lost Coast April 2015-0190-4

“Me! House!”

I was right to have been nervous about coming back. I mean, I found a mouse nest in my printer last year, remember? And alligator lizards in the sink and outhouse. I knew what we were coming home to. But what I didn’t count on – at all – was Moxie’s reaction. When we turned […]

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Moxie, out of the bath

When It’s Hard

I’ve learned something about myself in the past month. I’ve learned that while I used to deal with BIG STRESS by falling asleep (by dint of narcolepsy), I now puke. And eat. Not eat-then-puke (that would be bulimia and I’m not bulimic), not puke-then-eat (I don’t know what that’s called). It just puke. And eat. […]

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three small children ready to hang one. the small girl (Moxie) is looking at her older brother (Micah) while her the small boy on the other side of her (Mac-Q) is wearing sunglasses

Taming the iPhone

I had my iphone stolen 5 months ago, in Mexico. The replacement that I received couldn’t be activated in Mexico, so I went without. Now, I’m a person that loved my iphone with a passion. I was tethered whenever, wherever. I’d try to be subtle about it, but I’d be sneaking peaks all.the.time. It drove […]

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red dawn oregon california (5 of 7)

Preparing for Life Again Off the Grid

“Coming home” for us doesn’t mean driving up to an abode, opening the door, flipping on the light and unpacking our stuff before stepping into the shower to wash the travel off. It doesn’t mean peeking in the fridge before we make a list and head off to Safeway to get the ingredients for some spaghetti. […]

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image of a surprised young girl, Moxie

11 Things That Gave Us Culture Shock, Mexico – US

We were traveling around Mexico for 5 months, which in the grand scope of everything, really isn’t a long time. But we still got shocked by some nuggets when we returned to the United States. Here they are: Free, Drinkable Tap Water We adored the little taco stands and street eateries we frequented in Mexico. […]

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Bay Area -0068-5

Rainbow Farts

 My first picture with my phone!! I had to share that first because – holy cow – 2 weeks without a camera of ANY kind….!! Rainbow Sparkle Farts You know how you have all those layers in rainbow cakes, one upon another and it is layered with frosting and then something on the very, very […]

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