A Big Update!

I don’t even know what to say, you guys. So much has happened, you have given me so much and I’m really fricking overwhelmed right now with life, with questions, with gratitude, with love, and with more questions. THANK YOU. For everyone who has contributed to our GoFundMe account, helping us get our stuff back, THANK […]

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All of Our Stuff Got Stolen

We were driving from Guanajuato to Zacatecas when we pulled into a roadside diner for lunch. While we were eating, our truck was broken into and pretty much everything we have of material value was stolen, including my laptop, both of my cameras, the iPad, iPod, iPhone, kindle fire. My laptop getting stolen was the […]

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A Day in Moxie’s Life

This post is for the A Day in the Life with Down syndrome project. The short term goal of the project is to celebrate World Down syndrome Day (coming up on 3/21) through stories about a typical day in a life lived with Down syndrome. The long term goal of the project is to have […]

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Banditos and Caravans, Part 1

There’s this book that everyone seems to use called, Traveler’s Guide to Mexican Camping: Explore Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize with Your RV or Tent (Traveler’s Guide series) It’s by the Churches, but it hasn’t been updated in 6 years. Plenty of campgrounds they write of have been closed, names changed, new campgrounds opened. But since there […]

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Mexico: “Don’t Go There! It’s Not Safe!”

I lived in Japan for 5 years. Now, Japan is supposedly one of the safest countries in the world. Some of the worst stuff that has happened to me in my life happened there. Those bad things happened to me despite my Japanese language skills being pretty good, despite the fact that I am white […]

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Why Freedom Shores is a Big Deal

When we were in Cancun, my friend Corbett sent me the link to Freedom Shores, an RV-Park/Hotel in Campeche, Mexico, and asked me if I could check it out and get the scoop on how accessible it really is. So we made our way on over and sussed it out.  This is the story: Bill […]

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How Cruise Ship Passengers Made a Good Beach, Great

We were on our way to Xcalac when Mikey pulled into the Blue Kay campground in Mahahual, more of a mental afterthought than anything. We had no intention of staying there. While we were turning around, a friend of ours from the campground in Puerto Morelos ran out to say hi – and told us […]

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“Special” is the new “Retard”

In 2015, the annual day for “r-word awareness” is March 4. This day highlights the mission of many allies and advocates of people with developmental disabilities in “spreading the word to end the word.” And by that, it is meant to end the use of the word, “retard.” I hosted blog hops for two years in […]

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Marital Glue

I was reading some article recently on giving your blog readers WHAT THEY WANT and I was kind of stymied because I don’t actually know WHAT YOU WANT. While I try and stay within the parameters of traveling, disability and parenting, I’m pretty much all over the place with this blog. Kind of like in […]

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Tulum, Yoga & Walking Birth Control

Tulum is kind of like the hippie version of Cancun. It’s still got the refined-flour like white sand, stunning ocean, weather and sky, but the resorts are tucked amongst all the trees, so it doesn’t all seem as grossly glaring. The resorts are different too – they practically drip with new-agey wholesomeness, yoga-camps and aromatherapy. […]

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It’s weird to be content.

It’s weird to be content. You know, I am not sure if it’s because I’m deaf, but I’ve always been highly driven. I graduated from university when I was 19, simultaneously working full-time to put myself through. I went back to school when I was 24 to get my Master’s in International Management and kept […]

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far from the tree

“Far From the Tree”: The Deaf Chapter

Andrew Solomon wrote a book called “Far From the Tree” that was all the rage a couple of years ago. In it, he explores identity through analyzing multiple disabilities, along with homosexuality, children of rape, prodigies and transgendered people. It has taken me literally all this time to work my way through the deaf chapter. Whenever […]

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Micah, The Crocodile and Celestun (Photo Essay)

We splurged on a boat trip in Celestun and it was absolute magic. Our guide (“Jesus” was his name) took us to the flamingos, by islands chock full of Pelicans, through a mangrove tunnel and to a natural hot spring. He didn’t, however, tell us to watch out for crocodiles in the hot spring… and […]

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Pete the Cat and Chichen Itza

Do you know Pete the Cat? We were introduced by Katie when we visited her in Fresno. Our kids fell head over heels in love with that cool cat and what do you know? We’ve been reading his stuff Every. Single. Night. No breaks from Pete, man. Those kids are hooked. He’s good, all about […]

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Who Has Special Needs?

You all know how much I loathe the way people use the term “special needs” interchangeably with “disability”(my post about that is here ). The term was originally an educational one, designed for kids with extremely unique learning needs. Plenty of people who have real educational “special needs” do not have a disability and plenty of […]

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Cenote: Wonderland

Cenote: “seh-NO-teh”: Noun. Magical underground water wonderland. *** If you liked this post, follow A Little Moxie on Facebook and join conversations there Want A Little Moxie delivered in your inbox? Subscribe here! Email address:

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The No-Tell Motel, an Iguana and Cancun

We hated Cancun. Oh, balmy air, sand so fine it felt like refined flour. Ocean water with all the blues your kaleidoscope can contain, and birds chirping so loudly and melodiously that I thought Micah’s “Big Business” app was perpetually on. It wasn’t the balmy air, fine sand and melodious chirping of course; it was […]

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