two thirds of the planet collage of wheelchair user, hearing aids and top of a woman's face

My Big News (& A Little Housekeeping)

3 years ago or so I started a site called “Two Thirds of the Planet”. It was called “Two Thirds of the Planet” because the site was all about disability, and that’s what they say, you know: that two thirds of the planet has a connection with disability in some way. Well, (like many of […]

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Motivation: You’ll be Loved

This is one of those blog posts that are just like… sorry! Not a lot going on here with this. Or rather, nothing new, nothing sparkling. Nothing fancy. Just my head down, plodding along in a daily dance with the elliptical (I love that thing) and BeachBody stuff, if I have the energy. Doing the […]

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Andrew Pulrang

Voices from the Disability Community: Andrew Pulrang

Getting to Know You Your name: Andrew Pulrang What’s your connection with disability?   I have had physical disabilities all of my life, since birth. I have Arthrogryposis. Star Trek or Star Wars?   Star Trek. I like all of the series, but the Original Series is my current favorite. Star Wars is fine, and of course I loved it when the original trilogy first came out, […]

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Meriah Nichols -12-2

Happy Hump Month!

We came back from Mexico in March and we’re leaving again in November. That means that this month – July – is our “hump month”. It’s like Wednesday is in a working week. Hump Month just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags for me, like molasses in winter. It’s hot. It’s slow. It’s hot. I miss Mikey. We ALL miss […]

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Meriah Nichols Salad in a Jar #MotivationMonday

Motivation Monday: Salad in a Jar

Last week I prepped like a wild woman. It was nuts, but there is nothing like opening the fridge door and seeing this: Salad in a Jar And an arsenal of healthy food that visually assaults. It’s Motivational.  (“Motivation Monday”, as opposed to “Transformation Tuesday” – that’s cuz “Motivation Monday” is becoming a *thing* and […]

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Cheryl Green

Voices from the Disability Community: Cheryl Green

Getting to Know You Your name:  Cheryl Green What’s your connection with disability?  I have mild disabilities from traumatic brain injury, a voice disorder, and something brewing in my knees that will catch up to me sooner or later. I’m also connected to disability through work in disability arts and justice activism that I started […]

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Imagine This: The Case Against Jessie Lorenz

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disability Act. I’ll be celebrating it in various ways on this blog for the remainder of the month, but today I want to talk about one thing that is NOT covered under the ADA. The rights of parents with disabilities. **************************************************** Imagine […]

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Voices from the Disability Community: Eliza Riley

Restarting the “Cool Cats: Voices from the Disability Community”, in which people with disabilities are featured. The point of this is to share different slices of different lives. For people to hopefully connect over shared voices, experiences or disabilities. Please welcome Eliza Riley! Getting to Know You Your name:  Eliza Riley What’s your connection with […]

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