Meriah Nichols: I'm a teacher, artist, tech-junkie, mom, cat-lover, Trekkie, yurt-dwelling off-the-grid farmer's wife who blogs
My Name is Meriah 
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I’ve got one goal here: to unpack, empower & share disability through stories, photos, opinions, resources & reviews.

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Career (& Website) Development

I spent over 10 years teaching, and another 10 working in Career Counseling and Development. 9 years now in blogging and site development.

I’d like to merge these passions together through online tutorials in career development, for everyone but with specific information for those of us with disabilities.

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Let's Do This!

Career development. Websites. Your supports. These – and more (like your space, your living situation, relationships, disability, self confidence, personality, social skills, personal connections and vision) are crucial to your entire package. Your “entire package” being how you see yourself and how you will frame who you are to the world in order develop your career in accordance with your vision.



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