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down syndrome define you-22

Moxie: Let Down syndrome Define You

Moxie, let Down syndrome define you: move forward and be who you are because of who you are. See Down syndrome as a fundamental part of your identity, and claim it as the powerful piece that is a part of your human experience.

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Bayan at Angkor Wat by Meriah Nichols-39

Magic Hiding: Bayon at Angkor Wat

Bayon at Angkor Wat seems to be a good metaphor for life: There is crazy bullshit all over the place. You can either pay attention to the bullshit and lose your spoons over it, or you can save your spoons and seek out the magic.

Meriah Nichols Angkor Wat-11

One Day at Angkor Wat

We were hot, the sweat was stinging my eyes in Angkor Wat, the ancient Cambodian city. But it was beautiful and moving in some ways – here is a photo essay on our first day there as a family

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