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  • Dolls with Down syndrome (and one for you!)

    When I was a kid I loved Barbie. Oh, secretly of course, I knew loving that mainstream bit of blonde freakishness with her otherworldly proportions, built-in high heeled feet and rock-hard (nipple-less!) bosoms would not win admiration for me from my parents, but...yeah. I loved her. In retrospect, it was more accurate to say that I wanted […]

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  • 16 Years Later: Musings from Moby

    I was driving Moby (our new-to-us white F350) with the camper on it, all 3 kids comfortably secured in their car seats in the back seat. It’s huge. I mean, the truck is just enormous and I feel like a redneck-y hippie slice of pie driving it. So anyway. I was driving it and my thoughts […]

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  • Roadtrip!

    I’m pretty excited right now. I am making a road trip with just me the chitlins – from the Lost Coast to Washington State. We’re going to get some last-minute fixes for the camper so that our trip south will be a bit more comfortable. Specifically, we’re getting the hydraulic poles (the things that lift […]

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  • The Power of Narrative: Story Corps & The Disability Visibility Project

    We look at a pair of shoes a million ways, from a myriad of perspectives, but unless we try them on, we will never know how they actually fit. Have you ever ordered shoes on Zappos? Then you know this! Zappos has a hundred different ways of viewing the shoes. And reviews. The reviews help. […]

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  • Beyond Awareness: The Disability Acceptance Tour

    It’s good to see people with disabilities doing something out of the ordinary. Good to see children with disabilities traveling and exploring the world. Good to see parents with disabilities being parents, good to see pictures and read stories that are about humor, power, understanding and connecting. We need those stories, all of ‘em. Our family […]

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  • Weight Loss Update

    I’ve been at this for months now. Safer to say that I’ve been trying to lose weight for a year, but I’ve been trying in a hard-core way since June.  #slimkitty4thewin! I worked my way through the Standard Process Detox thing, then I moved on over to BeachBody Land. I tried the T25 Workout Regime […]

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  • Sex and Down syndrome!

    This month is officially Down syndrome Awareness Month here in the United States. We have more photos in our Facebook feeds and elsewhere online of adorable children with Down syndrome. We have more articles than usual around the internet on Down syndrome and various components that are deemed worthy of “awareness.” Well, I think we […]

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  • I Want to Tell You…

    There are so many things I want to say to you today. I want to tell you about the look on Micah’s face when he plays with legos. That absorbed concentration. The way he seems to lose himself in those plastic bits of bumpy logs, like they are gateways to some nether world of (space) […]

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  • The Chromosome (Down syndrome) T-Shirt

    I went and made what I wanted: a simple t-shirt that showcases what Trisomy 21 – better known as Down syndrome – actually is: 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. Perfect for little minxes Their brothers too! I am using only American Apparel t-shirts. There are the baseball t-s that you see here and also […]

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  • An Update on Kianna (My Hearing Dog)

    I’ve been wanting to give you an update on Kianna, my hearing dog. Well, after we got home from CCI, it was havoc. Kianna, on-leash is just about the best-trained dog you can imagine. Kianna, off leash is a typical young exuberant dog that will tear into anything! She tore the wood handles off of […]

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  • 4 Years: Essays from the blog, A Little Moxie

    I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a mother who had read something on this blog that was the tipping factor in her decision to keep her child with Down syndrome. That is, her decision to not abort her child with Down syndrome. This was not the first such email I have […]

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  • Down syndrome Acceptance Month

    October is Down syndrome Awareness Month here in the United States. I’m personally not out to promote awareness anymore, because we are there already. We are aware. We are aware that people with Down syndrome are the same as people without: deserving of equal rights, opportunities and privileges. We are aware of what features associated […]

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  • After the Rain

    It rained 3 and a half inches here in the past week or so. I have a difficult time thinking of “3 and a half inches” as a lot of rain. Mikey says that if it fell on our roof (with rain catchment), it would be 1,934.21 gallons of water. So basically, it rained almost […]

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  • The Challenges of Being a Deaf Mother

    I was interviewed recently for a hearing magazine and one of the questions that they asked me was, “what would you say the greatest challenge of being a deaf mother is?”. The first thing that came to mind was last week. I was sitting on the bench outside of Moxie’s class with Micah and Moxie’s […]

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  • rain.

    The earth smells like it has been freshly bathed – which it has. It smells clean with a sweet aroma. The air is warm, sultry with that feeling of excitement that seems as if it is a signal of the energy that surges in nature as the seasons change. Like a car gunning its engine, […]

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  • This Past Week

    I’m trying something new right here, right now. I’ve uploaded a plugin directly into Adobe LightRoom and it’s posting this whole blog post from there! If it works… woooooo-eeeeeeee!!! *fingers crossed* That will make posting photos a breeze while we are on the road. Okay, so this week. A neighbor stopped by and said, “hey! […]

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  • “Wheelchair Bound”: In Pictures!

    In recent (un) surprising news of the world, Kanye West was a total ass. He stopped a concert to have everyone standing up to dance – and by EVERYONE, he was including people with disabilities that don’t stand! Kanye West. What a winner. Well, there was not a lot in that nugget of Kanye-ness was what would prompt […]

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  • The Book Project: An Update

    I was completely planning on having the book that I’ve been working on out in time for Moxie’s birthday. That was May 7th. I was excited about it, you know how it is, you are strumming along, nipping and tucking your stuff, getting the images jusssssssssst right and then as my finger hovered over the […]

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  • Beginning Homeschooling: Photo Essay

    I took out my mixing bowl and added big splashes of Waldorf and Montessori. Stirred them up. I’m adding bits and pieces of other things that look interesting and fun, in preparation for Roadschooling, come October/early November when we leave. I’d be glad to write about it if you want to hear (do you? is […]

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  • Horse Therapy and Down syndrome?!

    One of the first things that we learned here was that Moxie’s pre-school teacher has a coincidental background in Special Education and practices horse therapy in her spare time. Some might call that “coincidence” but I like to call it the Universe aligning stars for our Rainbow. Cheesy, a bit? Yeah, maybe, but how else […]

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