Photo Essay

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The foot. It’s still broken. It’s still got to be elevated because (10 days later)  the swelling hasn’t come down. Mikey is having a BLAST taking care of the kids, solo, in addition to cooking, cleaning, porta-potty duties and more! Here is a photo essay  – *** If you liked this post, follow A Little Moxie on Facebook. Want A Little Moxie … Read More

I Broke My Foot

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I broke my foot. In Pelenque, but not after I had gone exploring and everything, no, I broke it right after we arrived and had set up camp. IT SUCKED. That’s all I have to say – it all SUCKED MISERABLY. What I did find interesting about all of this was that when I was in the hospital in Pelenque, jungle, … Read More

7 Reasons to Roadschool

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Roadschool: if pressed, you can define it as “homeschool on the road” – teaching your own children while you travel. While roadschooling, you may or may not follow a set curriculum, but integrating aspects of travel and learning from the road are what fundamentally sets it apart from homeschooling. We roadschool. We follow some curriculum materials, we are consistent about … Read More

Book Review: Small Talk, by Amy Julia Becker (& Giveaway)

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I am always slightly embarrassed to talk about how much I love religion (in general) and God (in particular), how important spirituality and faith are to me and my life. In undergrad, it just so happened that every single elective that I took had something to do with religion, which was how it came to pass that I was only … Read More

Our Rig

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This post has been a long time coming. I think one thing I want to be clear about is that we are not rig people, per se. We don’t exclusively stay in campgrounds or boondock, never have. We enjoy staying in hostels, hotels and motels, we like the break from driving and getting to know an area by foot. I … Read More


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I don’t even know. I was just in cranky mood for pretty much the whole time we were there. I am generally a pretty cheerful person, so that’s just not normal and I blame it on.. what… I blame it on the freezing cold weather there, on the greyness that seemed to perpetuate everything, on the RV park we stayed … Read More

Would You Just Quit Saying “Special Needs”?!

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I am an adult with a disability. I have a child with a disability (different from my own). And I am a professional educator. I have come to loathe the term “special needs”. I feel like it’s a watered-down euphemism for “disability”, originating in the educational sphere and has since been misused all over the place. “Special needs” does not … Read More

2014: A Wild Ride

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2014 both started and ended with us in Mexico. And in between, we moved to a yurt on the Lost Coast of California, learned to skin a deer, kill a bear, harvest fruit (before the animals get it), use an outhouse and outdoor shower and deal with mice that make nests in printers. And the kids started school. And Moxie … Read More

A Pleasant Place to Get Sick

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Villa Corona is an adorable little town about an hour from Guadalajara. It looks just like I thought a small town in Mexico would. Sleepy and colourful, with efficient, friendly beautiful and hospitable people. Amazing food. A rich weekly market with vegetables that could be placed directly in a Whole Foods display. Fresh cheese mongers, bakers, soap makers, and makers of … Read More