101 South

We packed our place as tightly as we could.

There was something very satisfying about seeing all of our belongings neatly tucked into sturdy black and yellow Costco construction-grade totes. All in all, we don’t have much. Everything we can call ours fits in about 6 totes and that pleases me. You know what else pleases me? That our camper doesn’t have that much in it either. It’s 8 ft and feels fairly spacious on account of the few possessions. Like, like.

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So, we left our yurt on the grey Tuesday of Veteran’s Day. Pointed our truck, Moby south and gave her some gas.

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Drove through the Redwood forest that is the gateway to the Lost Coast. Felt sad to be leaving. Happy to be going.

I have Micah working on a daily journal now. It’s part of his Roadschool. Well, his entry for that day was, “today we packed up and left. I had mixed feelings.”

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We talked about that, about how mixed up feelings can be, how you can be happy and sad at the same exact time. I wanted him to come away from the conversation with a sense that it’s okay for things to be like peanut butter and jelly sandwich: salty and sweet and crunchy and moving, that it can all end up in your mouth tasting GREAT

meriah nichols_-8We’ll see how it all unfolds.

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In the meantime, we drove south, south, ever south, through Willits, through the wine country (where I am originally from) and into the San Francisco Bay Area, where Nana had all the toys out and ready!

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Here’s a few iPhone photos – some of these were posted on Instagram (- I’m @meriahnichols there, if you’d like to follow my feed) and Facebook (the link to the Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/withalittlemoxie

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Kianna’s Cone of Shame:

She was apparently bit by something on our walk in Willits (???) and exploded in an allergic reaction. We took her to the ER and have her full of Benadryl now. She’s doing a lot better but is still healing. Poor thing:(


Meriah Nichols is teacher and artist who lives in a yurt off the grid. She is deaf, has 3 kids (one with Down syndrome) and a lot of chickens. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done. She likes her tea Earl Grey and hot.


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