13 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Yourself Loopalicious!

So many ways we can drive ourselves into loops! The possibilities are pretty much endless! Okay, so here are some of mine:

1. Think you can handle 3 kids:

photo 1

hahahahaaaaaa!! See?! They know! They are totally laughing too!

photo 2
hahaha – you thought you could handle us?!

Pretty funny, huh

2. Get ridiculously inspired by a trip to Baja and some gorgeous beaches

point and shoot, iphone, completely unedited sunrise shot from stepping out of our tent in the morning.
point and shoot, iphone, completely unedited sunrise shot from stepping out of our tent in the morning.

 and inspired by our kids, roaming in delight


so happy and inspired that we turn to one another (“we” being My One True Darling Man Mikey and myself) and say over our Nescafe,


“let’s be adventurers!”


Let’s create this amazing story with our kids, let’s TRAVEL THE PAN AMERICAN HIGHWAY AND FIND OUR HOME!!!!! Build our Inn! Do what we dream of doing!




3. Okay.

4. Decide to travel in a truck that you name “Myrtle” cuz it’s a TURTLE


One land-lubbin’ piece o’ luvin’


Make sure to go through something like THREE OTHER TRUCKS first, though! Gotta make sure you want what you want, right? And while you are at it, try out other campers! Make sure your $600 Alaskan’s the real*deal*heart*steal

And then? Try and engage in huge enormous projects that you have never done before! Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike,

  • hitch up solar panels!
  • find and putting in a flatbed!
  • install a water pump!
  • – an entire truck braking system overhaul!
  • – take out the cab benches and put in captain’s chairs!


…and other stuff but this is getting long and I know you will take my word for it that this list is loooooooooooooooooooong!

5. 3 kids!


6. One of whom is named, “Moxie”


… and is currently heavily engaged in the fine art of teaching her little brother how to make as many MAGNIFICENT MESSES in one day as possible!


Here a mess, there a mess, everywhere a mess, MESS!

A pile of clean clothes? MESS!

Sorting through donation/for sale piles? KAAAAA-PLUNK! Mess!

Boxes? MESS!

– Oh – and what’s this? TOILET PAPER?!!!! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

7. This.


All the clothes. For your whole entire 5 person family. Will need to fit in this.



9. And your blog is farting on you and the computer battery won’t charge and there is something or another something involving RAM and your multi-site thing is still not kicking in!

10. MESS!

11. KIDS!

12. Messy kids! Kids are messy! Mess n’ kids! KIDS! MESS!


13. OMG.

Salmonella? Are you kidding me? Or is this irritable bowel syndrome? WTF?



Yeah, totally, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Those are my handy-dandy crazy-making tips right here and now.

What are yours?!








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  • Omg, this post is making *me* anxious!!! holy crap… I have not been paying attention, and totally didn’t realize it was in TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!! You are freaking awesome and crazy all at the same time – can’t wait to follow along on your fantastic voyage!!

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