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One truth:

Disability isn’t a big deal. Disability is a natural part of the human experience – it’s a chance and an opportunity to explore the world from new vantage points.

Societal attitudes about disability are a big deal. 

A huge deal. An enormous deal. A deal that can make you gasp and can break your heart.

Don’t let it. Just remember that WE are society; each one of us is who a society is made of.

We can change this, we *will* change this.

Each one teach one, we can do it!


One Tip:

This isn’t so much about straight-up parenting as it is about a resource: DREDF. That is, Disability Rights Education Defense Fund.

Need help with the IEP? With understanding IDEA? Go to them.


One Photo:

"Do It For Me"
“Do It For Me”


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