Baby Legs!

My deep crush on BabyLegs started with a google search about 3 years ago for rainbow legwarmers. I wanted ’em. Badly. For Micah. I found them and voila! My boy was set. Remember this?

yeah, fast forward 20 years and he’s on the couch at the therapist’s,”my MOM dressed me in RAINBOW LEGWARMERS!!!” 

Then as he grew older, I changed his leg casings –firetrucks were what this little superman desired

The rainbows went to his sister, Moxie Eleanor Enfys (Enfys means ‘Rainbow’ in Welsh, how fitting).


She got his blue-star ones too

But the green-polka are all hers


As are the blue organics, a gift from Auntie Jen who famously said, “you can never have too many BabyLegs”


I love that BabyLegs are the best for layering – slip ’em right over thin pants for a little extra. A *must* when you live in an area with indecisive weather patterns.

I love that they protect little knees from scratches while crawling


 And they are a honest-to-God boon in the highchair


Does your baby make a mess? Mine does. Does your baby rip off bibs? Mine does, too! Well, just put the BabyLegs on for a little warmth, keep your wee one naked on top or with a shirt you are fine with getting smeared and watch your cleaning time diminish by whole MINUTES of SOLID SANITY

 I wrote a fan letter to BabyLegs. Told them how smitten I am by their products, how I have probably single-handedly funded their staff vacations (heck, they probably even know me by name: “It’s another one from MERIAH”). Okay, maybe I didn’t really say the last bit, but I did tell them I have a gigantic love affair going on with what they make. And asked them if they’d give readers of doozeedad some Legs.

Guess what? They did MORE than say yes: they sent me some Moxiliciously marvelous BabyLegs to review, along with socks and the nicest little footless stockings I have ever seen. Hands down, new fave. They are grey-based with white and black stripes with HUGE RED RUFFLES on the bottom!!! YES!!! And – dig this – SKULL AND CROSSBONES on the butt!!! Slay me already, oh cuteness.

It’s perfect for anything. Physical therapy!

 Or just chilling at home.


 These Legs – ALL BabyLegs, actually – are sturdy, machine-washable. The colour lasts for years (you saw the Rainbows). You know you are getting a quality product when you buy them. I really likelove that.


It means I can let my Moxie play as hard as she wants in them and I don’t have to worry about the dirt coming out. Because despite all of your evidence to the contrary, I do care about dirt coming out!


 Super fun!


 For any occasion (and by the way, I was NOT PAID FOR THIS POST!! The glowing drool is real)

 Babylegs, BabyLegs, you rock. Hard.


You want some? It’s easy:

You can do all of this stuff daily if you really, really want you some Legs. 
I think it's worth it, personally - those Hello Kitty's and Winter Holiday's 
(Merry Berry! Santa Baby! Candy Cane! YUM!!!) are calling my name too... 

 PS. In case you don’t have java script, here’s the giveaway in all it’s linked glory:
Leave a comment here, on this blog AFTER you visit the BabyLegs site. Tell me which products you’d like to receive in a grab bag. THIS IS A MUST


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You can do all of this stuff daily if you really, really want you some Legs. I think it’s worth it, personally – those Hello Kitty‘s and Winter Holiday’s (Merry Berry! Santa Baby! Candy Cane! YUM!!!) are calling my name too…

Good luck!


The Fine Print: Terms and Conditions

This giveaway will end 10/26 at 10:am, EST. The winner will be announced on the blog and by e-mail (you need to make sure your comment is linked to an email address OR include it in your comment). 

As noted, I received 3 samples of Baby Legs Products for the purpose of writing the review portion of this post. No other compensation was received, and the review was not influenced. Opinions expressed are my own.


Only open to U.S. Residents – you rockin’ Canadians had your chance!

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