A New Year: 2013

We were watching Back to the Future II the other night.

In it, Doc Brown is taking Marty to the high-tech space-age world that 2015 was to be.  We laughed long and hard – 2013 is, after all, only 2 years away from the flying cars self-drying jackets that the movie says we’ll have in 2015.

But I got to thinking about it.

Really thinking about it, while I was sorting through photos from this past year.

This time last year, we were at the Mexican border. We were starting our month-long camping adventure that made us want to alter the course of our path. I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t know how to run. Moxie wasn’t fully walking. Micah wasn’t reading. Mikey’s omelets were not divine perfection.

So in one year, Micah learned to read – and at 4 years old, is around the second grade reading level. Maybe higher. Moxie learned to walk – and runs. I got pregnant and had a baby. Mikey learned to make the best omelets on the face of this planet.

If all of that could happen in just one year, I suppose flying cars and self-drying jackets can too.

All things are possible, right?

Here is a collage of some of the photos I liked best of Moxie in 2012. Not fancy photos, not the ones everyone else liked, just a sample of some of the ones that are especially meaningful to this mama:


They remind me of moments like how she’d wake up before Micah on the beach, come on out with Mikey and me, drink her milk and watch the sunrise with us. Remind me of how she loves make up and juice (and the delightful way she signs “juice”, swinging her whole hand down in a big loop and saying “joo!”), and how she scrambles up to the top of the play gym at McDonalds. Her love of people, her zest for life, adventure.

Moxie. We named her well.


And Micah, Little Man, “Number One”, “Mojo”.


The consummate Big Brother, first born. Cautious, hard thinking, goggle-loving, tool-welding Mac n’ Cheese lover. He dives into stories with the same gusto he’ll apply to play. I tell him that he’ll probably invent warp drives and transporters, and in all honesty, I’m not joking. He’s that kind of kid.




 So new, only 2 months in to this thing we call “life”. I wonder what kind of person he is.

I’m still getting to know him.


Three kids. One man that I adore.


 A new year, all ready to be unpackaged, explored.

A year that will likely give birth to a new life and a new way of living for our family.

The Pan Am Overland is hypnotically beckoning us.

The truck is being fixed.

We’re looking for work.

It’s pulling together, it’s happening.

And as impossible as those flying cars and self-drying jackets seem in the 2015 of Back to the Future II, so too seem our dreams sometimes. But one step back – and a good look at what we did accomplish in the past year – and I feel a smiling glow in my gut that whispers in a (corny yet) certain way, ‘as you believe, so shall your reality be

2013, you are going to be good.



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