A Walk in the Woods

When we were up in Humboldt last week,  we all went for a walk in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. This is a great little trail to walk with kids – it’s also completely accessible (wheelchair and stroller friendly; lots of benches niftily perked throughout for people that need breaks).

The thing about redwoods is that they make me feel both tiny and huge. Tiny because well, there is that fact that  they are one of the biggest living organisms on earth. And they make me feel huge because deep thoughts slip into my head, thoughts on the nature of how interconnected all of us on our precious little blue ball really are.

The silence of the forest soothes.

Until, you know, Micah has had enough and pipes up, “are we done yet?”

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  • The trails are wheelchair accessable??? Wow. That’s amazing and wonderful. Since becoming disabled two and a half years ago due to a brain tumor, I must always use a wheeled walker for brief outings (or places like church), or a wheelchair for longer ones. But I miss, oh how I miss, being able to go to our local woods and lakes!! There are no wheeled conveyances allowed. It’s been hard, the loss of nature. One of the hardest things.

    • I believe it would be one of the hardest things…I know it would be for me. Yes, that path was completely accessible, but it’s one of the rare ones. I wish there were more…

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