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I love personal blogs. They are the stories of families, of people – voices from different walks in life, places on the globe. Voices that represent different cultures, traditions, faiths, places of belief (or non-belief).

When I was first told – via an amniocentesis – that my daughter Moxie would be coming with an extra chromosome, I reached out to the voices across the internet by way of reading their blogs. I think many of us have been there. In that space of needing to connect with other families, other stories that have a connection with Down syndrome.

Maybe your child has Down syndrome; maybe you have Down syndrome. Maybe your brother/sister/mother/cousin/great aunt has Down syndrome. Whatever your connection with Down syndrome be, so long as it is positive, it is welcome and wanted here.

My vision for Down syndrome Blogs is that it be a neutral space in which we share our stories. A place where a new parent can come and easily find a voice that resonates with them.

The blogs are listed in two places: they are all self-identified into the blog categories (- on the Nav Bar), and they are in the Live Roll on the side bar.

Add your voice to ours if you have a blog – send a link to your blog and 2 categories (among those categories represented here) that you feel your blog best fits to me:

The blog lists and links are updated on the last week of every month, around the time of our monthly Blog Hop.

Thank you for being here.

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Meriah Nichols is teacher and artist who lives in a yurt off the grid. She is deaf, has 3 kids (one with Down syndrome) and a lot of chickens. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done. She likes her tea Earl Grey and hot.


#deaf mom, teacher & #disability activist, living in a yurt #offthegrid. 3 kids (1 with #downsyndrome), a camera and a lot of chickens. Never a dull moment
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