After the Rain

It rained 3 and a half inches here in the past week or so.

I have a difficult time thinking of “3 and a half inches” as a lot of rain. Mikey says that if it fell on our roof (with rain catchment), it would be 1,934.21 gallons of water. So basically, it rained almost 2,000 gallons of water.

2,000 gallons of water, pouring out of the sky over the past few days, yeah that’s about right. That’s exactly what it felt like, and it got to that point where I was NOT diggin’ it: the trip through the mud to the outhouse was not fun after my first slip (and I hurt my knee), the outdoor shower completely lost its allure, the clothes were piling up and we can’t wash/dry them in that weather… but the worst, the very worst was that our inverter was affected by all of the rain and goes off every 10 or 20 minutes. The inverter stores the power from the generator; an inverter on the fritz means NO ELECTRICITY, and of course no electricity means NO INTERNET.

I do not do well without electricity or the internet. Not one little bit, not well.

Coincidentally (?) I got sick, and so there I was relying on Sudafed to make me feel human enough to carry forth the business of taking care of the kids without electricity, in the pouring rain and dark.

As you can imagine, Mexico started to look mighty fine (we’ll be leaving after harvest, at the end of October or beginning of November) and I started dreaming about the trip south.

But then… the clouds parted. Literally and figuratively: Mikey found a way to connect the generator directly to power in the yurt – INTERNET! ELECTRICITY! Things are good. And the mists came and I felt so much better. I took some long walks and I am convinced that this land is a chalice of God’s. It is blessed by something divine and it just takes my breath away.









new life is everywhere. it is absolutely BURSTING through the ground, growing so fast that I blink and it’s more – greener, taller, bigger.

I’ve never seen anything like this


Two days ago this was hard, bare, dry dirt. Full stop.


Happy adorable little frog


I love frogs. And I love spiders. I love lizards even more. I love all of these little buddies that eat bugs. I’m not into bugs.

Except for butterflies (they are bugs, right? technically speaking?) – this one flew right in our yurt to say hi –



She was fluttering around and then it was clear she wanted back out – it took a while


But I was able to usher her back to the trees.

There are so many butterflies flying around now! They seem to happy and laid back, flying in and out of our house, drying their wings and making us all smile with their fluttery-ness.











October is coming up.

I’ve got a lot rolling – the book is DONE, ready! I’ll have it out on this blog next week.

What else, I’ve finished a couple of silk screens so there will be t-shirts available for purchase if you want. I’m excited about this because I’ve wanted to make t-shirts for the past 20 years but never managed to get things in gear. Well, I FINALLY have things in gear, along with a tub of really sweet American Apparel shirts (so soft!), so I’ll be in business soon.

Down syndrome Awareness Month is also coming up and that’s a busy month for the blogosphere. It’s the month where everyone squeezes in a years’ worth of stuff into 31 days! My book will be my main contribution this year – I’m giving it away for the entire month of October.

I’ll wrap up now.

Last photos:




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