an update from Mexico: 6

Our dollop of a vacation is wrapping up. The ends are slowly moving together and asking to be tied up, ready to be parcelled and packaged. Mikey and I aren´t ready for this. I have visions of us, desperately clutching each other, sobbing aloud as we head for the airport..and maybe even deciding at the last minute that our glamourous life in our teeny-tiny apartment with a garden and (someday) chicken coop adventure is just. not. worth. it. That we´d rather learn how to sing and dance on the street corner here to make a buck, and just stay in this sunny place.

Micah, on the other hand, is. He´s bellowing for home in his raspy, robotic voice. It would be a lot funnier to Mikey and I if it felt a little less like salt in our wounds. We also wonder if he´ll get back and be like, La. Paz. La. Paz. Where. Is. LA PAAAAAAAAZ? Or miss his many girlfriends (especially little Rosetta). Or what about the beach, with the water he can swim in and not turn blue over?

Moxie…well, I don´t think she cares, really.

I will now strive to make a list of the things I like about home to make me a little more eager to pack up:

  • Mom, other family and friends
  • Moxie´s highchair
  • the light hitting the bay and making it gleam
  • hiking in the Oakland hills
  • cool old houses
  • looking at the trees behind our house from bed
  • hummingbirds in the morning
  • my laptop, with wireless
  • King of the Hill on Netflix
  • Peets Coffee
  • Ferry rides
  • Dante, our cat

and things I look forward to doing when we get back:

  • working on the garden
  • getting chickens
  • painting
  • making a nice big collage
  • community sing-a-long
  • riding my bike that Mikey is going to trick out with kidseat for Micah and attach the Burley to!!!!

 I feel a little better. It´s so important to have something to look forward to, isn´t it?

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  • Well, there’s one mama here who is v e r y happy you are coming home!! And if youd like, you can add dinner at the German restaurant with Grandpa to celebrate his birthday and your anniversary. (got 50% off with yelp or one of those deal of the day things.).

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