And then He Lost His Voice…

Micah has been having a really hard time with school. Oh, not the academics (never the academics), but with pretty much everything else.

If you have ever had a situation in which your kid is struggling to fit in, you know exactly how heartbreaking that can be. If you’ve ever seen something like your kid chasing after other kids because they won’t play with him, you know that particular brand of pain, don’t you. It’s like no other.

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Things reached a tipping point at the end of the year, and Micah’s voice, always kind of raspy, simply went away.

I thought he might have a cold or something, but I was suspicious because it was weird to me that his voice was gone when there so much hurt happening with him. It was weird to me that he lost his method of communication right as he was told by some kids that they didn’t want to communicate with him.

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We left and some time passed and his voice came back, but I noticed that in any situation in which he was scared or nervous or his mojo was gone – so was his voice.

It just left.

I signed Micah up for a week-long day camp in town and had him interact with other kids there. He had a blast. He made friends. His voice was back.

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I am leaning strongly on homeschooling Micah next year.

For one, if he goes back to school, he’s going to be with the same teacher in the same class with the same dynamics. I simply don’t think he should go through that again. There are some things you want to struggle and persevere in life for, but I don’t think pushing through a situation like this with a kid as sensitive (and young) as Micah is one of them. I don’t think you should push through that when there are sure alternatives that will give him friends, a solid education and creative freedom.

This is what my gut says, but it’s hard to not out-guess myself.

Deep breath.

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  • It’d be fun to homeschool him for the year. See how he grows, matures, etc. Maybe soon he’ll be ready to go back or homeschooling could be the right choice for him for the rest of his schooling. Who knows? Sounds like you’re awesome and your family is cute.

  • Oh boy, I know what you are going through. We had to pull one of our kids out of their classroom because we found out near the end of the school year that the TEACHER was causing some of the problems. Reach in, take your heart out, and squeeze it. I felt horrible. Fortunately, she bounced back and we had other classrooms to put her in. But I felt like a total failure for not picking up on the problems. Or figuring out why she didn’t want to go to school after she had loved it.
    Micah is such a great kid. Do what your heart says is right. Are there any after school activities he might be able to join in even if you homeschool him? Then he can interact with the kids but not have to see them all day. I know you don’t live very close to town so that might not work.

    • I’m so glad it all worked out for your child.
      Yes, we do live far from town, but I’ll be driving in to make the activities/ side classes happen. And yes! It seems like he can still participate in local after-school programs and activities, even if he homeschools. Might be the perfect win/win.

  • When you’re so cute and so smart I think others can become envious. I know he’s wayyy ahead of the kids his age in every way. I met him once when I was with a friend installing a satellite. He was helping us figure out the generator lol. My friend commented on how smart he was for his age and that was a few years ago.

  • Homeschooling is often a wonderful fit for children who are * different learners*, gifted in an unusual area [3 of mine were gifted in sports, one in music & one in science/english/it] or are subject to bullying. There is so much wonderful material available now & so many people who love helping a child with a passion you really can’t lose with this one. 🙂

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