Back to Baja: Photo Bomb

I was sitting around during the recent spout of bad weather, stuck inside with the kidlings napping. Yes, both of them napping, at the same time! Giddily enjoying my hour of "freedom", I was catching up on photostuff. And realized that it's been a month since our adventure in Baja. One. Whole. Month.

I have yet to give you more than a glimpse of those weeks! Shame on me.

Without further ado, here are 182 photos:

Big. Deep. Sigh.
Oh, Baja how I miss thee. 
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  • You have seriously got me planning a Baja trip for my family. I’ve been there but the man hasn’t and pictures of Moxie on the beach make me envision Nava doing to same!

    Would you be willing to share the names of your guesthouses and hostel? They look lovely and great for a family.

  • I hope you go!
    The place we stayed at the longest was the Pension de California. It was about $20/night for 4 beds and hot water with a communal kitchen in the courtyard. That was the most family-friendly place we were at – and with other families too. Also: Mexican families stayed there, not just non-Mexicans. I liked that.
    Pescadero Surf Camp was FAR from the beach and was prone to late-night, all-night parties which got us out of there fast.
    Yneka Inn (with the Burning Man-esque decor) was great, family-friendly and fun but it was about $40/night which was more than we wanted to spend.
    Our guidebook was the Moon one.
    You know what we are going to do next?! CAMP on the beach. You can still do it. It’s free, safe and amazing. Maybe you could bring your tent, just in case? You can even camp right by the hot springs!
    ps. When you come back, will you share your photos? Thank you!

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