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A long time ago I used to run canvas through my printer in the hope that I could get a rippin’ image right on it – and then maybe paint on the photo or do something “creative”. It didn’t work. But my love for canvas prints remained. There is just something about burning an image onto canvas that makes me happy.

iPhone photos also make me happy. As you know, every photo on this blog is taken with my iPhone. While I long for a right-proper DSLR, I appreciate both the flexibility and parameters that the iPhone offers. Head on over to instagram and you can see what people do with the same equipment. It blows me away and I love it.

Just for fun, here is a giveaway – of one of my favorite photos that I took in Baja. It’s printed on canvas, sans frame. 12×16

Custom Canvas Prints did it – they print instagram and facebook photos too – and this month they have a special – free shipping – just use the code, “MayShipping” when you are checking out and save yourself $14.

To enter, just leave a comment. No “liking” this or “liking” that or “tweeting” it or that or telling your neighbor or tying your shoe in some new way. Nope – just leave a comment. “A comment about what?” you might ask some suggestions: what’s your favorite type of print? do you like instagram too? or how about iPhone photos? what would you like to print out next? –  and make sure it links back to your email address. will choose a winner a week from today and I’ll send you an email letting you know you will be receiving this neat photo of Micah trying to look through 3 windows of an abandoned Mexican house in Baja.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO THE WORLD – I’ll ship it to Tanzania if that’s where you live.

1. You do need to make sure your email address is tied to your comment – else who will I be able to let you know?
2. Custom Canvas Prints isn’t paying me, nor did I receive the print for free, mm’kay? this is just a fun giveaway – but here are some other specials they are offering in addition to the “MayShipping” one (but really – why do just free May Shipping when you can get 25% off PLUS free shipping?!)

Get 25% Off Your Custom Canvas Prints + Free Shipping
Get 20% Off Your Custom Canvas Print Plus Get an 8″x10″ Canvas Free When You Spend $60

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