Voices from the Disability Community


Marcus Sikora

Marcus Sikora is the first Voice interview via video!

Like a lot of other things he does, he’s breaking ground here.

Please welcome him, and then stay tuned for more from him.

Music Video from Marcus

and Marcus' Book: "Black Day: The Monster Rock Band"

Check It Out!
Black Day: The Monster Rock Band
by Marcus Sikora with Mardra Sikora

Find Marcus on social media:


Twitter @MarcusMusical

Millie Diericx is featured in "voices from the disability community" today
Welcome to “Voices from the Disability Community: – the series that introduces interesting people with various disabilities by asking the same set of questions to everyone. The point of doing that is share the diversity within the disability spectrum and experience, and get to know some cool people. This week I’m delighted to introduce Milly Diericx
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