Lost Coast

Beef, Beans and Grief

I got into a conversation with the woman sitting at the table next to us at Beef & Beans, a summer event of American...

Hocus Pocus (This Week on the Lost Coast)

Saying this post is about love, loss and learning sounds unbearably cheesy (and like an overblown, awful novel)… but it’s kind of true. It really is about love, loss and learning, but I hope to God it’s not cheesy.

43 & Other News

A few not-terrifically deep thoughts on turning 43. And! Purple flowers, snow ice and mustard blooms. This week’s news from our hill on the Lost Coast

A Mother Hike

A long walk on Mother’s Day helps me reframe what being a “mother” is all about for me.

Building (a photo essay)

I left you last with this post on the deck. My brother and his guys were hauling up wood and building supplies over the…

In Our Yard (A Photo Essay)

It’s really hopping here. We’ve got the guys working on the washroom area every day now that the rain has (for the most part)…