Woo-hoo! Please watch it again, while I do the happy dance over here in my Closet

dance, dance, dance

Want to watch it again? Okay! WATCH IT AGAIN – I'll just dance some more!

dance, dance, dance

I must have watched that little video oh, at LEAST twenty times last night when Mikey came in the room and left me with the camera. You see, I'd gone to bed early on account of my blinding gas, back again for a visit. I hadn't missed it, to tell the truth. Seems as if it missed me – it gripped me right up in a bear hug with an enthusiasm that left me…breathless.

It makes my narcoleptic brain hurt and sleepy to think about the pain, so let's move right along back to MOXIE CRAWLING!!

What do you think? Huh? Isn't she just the most darling little crawler, ever? Okay, unless you have your own Little Miss Scrumpalicious, in which case we can say 'isn't she darling?' Wasn't that the most marvelous little smile she flashed?

She's like that, you know. She can never fail to bring me out of the dumps. I'll be glumness personified and she'll kind of tug at me, look me right in the eye and give me one of those 120 watt mega-smiles, complete with light giggle and I find it rather impossible to continue in a gloopy vein. If I could find a way to distill her, she'd put prozac out of business.

One more bit o' news: WE GOT A CRIB!!! Thank you so much for all your advice – I REALLY appreciated it. We got a pretty small one that fits rather neatly next to our bed. Moxie is napping in there for the first time as I type. This is how it happened: I nursed her. Rocked her. Put her in the crib, at which point she awoke and bellowed – HOWLED, really – with outrage. I did the back tapping thing. No go. She was really at it, to the point in which I was getting sleepy (as I always become when deeply stressed). So I ended up passing out next to her (on the bed) while she calmed down and got used to her crib. Then fell asleep on her own.

I guess that's one way to do it, huh. If I ever get my act together, I'll write a book on the "Narcoleptic Mother's Guide to Staying Awake". Maybe by then I'll actually have learned how to do it myself.

…and what's this here?

MILK THAT'S NOT MINE! Fingers crossed she'll chug this cow's milk and we can start moving away from my own.

On that note, I'll leave you with one more photo to keep your day Moxi-liciously bright in honor of this here Summer Solstice

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  • Omg, YAAAAAAY!!!!!! Go, Moxie! Go, Moxie! Go, Moxie! Thanks for a huge smile on my face this morning!! I'm sure my boss (who sits directly in front of me) is wondering why I'm grinning like a madwoman. LOL

    So many awesome things! Btw, she's got GREAT form – she seriously knows what she wants!

  • Hi! I found you by clicking Next Blog. Your little girl is adorable AND darling. Congrats on two milestones in one week!

  • Yay MOXIE! (And I can call her the most darling crawler ever, at least until Ellie crawls, so she's got plenty of time!)

  • Awesome crawling Moxie! Yaaayyyy! I have friend with narcolepsy and she discovered that going gluten free really helped her. I would never have thought to connect those two, but she swears by it.

  • YAY!!! FOR THE CRAWLING!!!! super YAYYYY for the new crib! and… I mean you guys are on a row! drinking regular milk? Oh Moxie!! So many changes!!! Congrats!!!

  • Whoot Whoot!!!! Love the video of Moxie. That big grin she would get as she heard the toy and then CRAWLING!!!! Rock on Moxie!

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