End the Awkward: Disability Campaign of the Day

The British have The Best campaigns, seriously.

This new one, “End the Awkward” had me outright smiling – check it out –

First, you take a quiz to see how awkward you are – it’s here . I ranked “ambassador of cool” but I doubt that’s hard to pull because the questions are a little achingingly simplistic.

Then you can watch ads, see the tips

I totally loved this one!

this one was also great – but left me with a few questions

– like, what if the person has NO hands, or has a hook? I figure in most situations, it becomes clear if you follow the body language of the person with a disability – ? that’s what I would do, anyway


this one left me a little emotional. It’s not an advertisement for ending the awkwardness, it’s a piece about their new communication device – and it’s to help give us all a voice.

this is also wonderful –

– this company, Scope, is hitting all the rights with their disability campaigns, information, advocacy – they are pulling it all out of the closet with humour and humanity and I am loving them for it.

More End the Awkward tips HERE

Please share these videos and spread the word – this stuff is too good to keep a secret

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  • Hi Meriah — I haven’t seen all of their pieces, but the ones I did I thought were funny and effective. But I noticed Rich Donovan was negative about them — I’m not sure why. Anyhoo, just thought I’d mention.

    • really? wow. huh.
      I wonder if it’s because it could be slanted negatively with the idea that communicating with pwd is awkward? I need to ask him…

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