Falling in Love

So, you know.

You grow this baby in you.

For more than 9 months in most cases.

You are with this small person from the very beginning, his inception.

You feel the fluttering of his moves, feel his flipping and somersaults.

Feel all those small movements change to big, hard kicks and pounds.

You can tell when he likes something, when he gets excited. His reactions to sounds, light. What soothes him.

And then…HE'S BORN! He comes on out!

And it's like meeting this person that you've known so well, for so long – and yet, in this deep and impossibly love-filled intimacy – he is a stranger.

 – only he's not

He's this person who's been inside of you all of this time, you are just starting to get to know him, that's all.

And when you do, as you do, as you slip into that match of the person in you and the person outside of you – it's like falling in love.

And it's happening to me.


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