ghost town: calico

We have a thing for ghost towns.

We love the ‘POW!’ that goes on with our imaginations when we go to one, the reminder of impermanence in life, that everything can change in an instant with the drop of a literal dime.

I’m talking about both Mikey and I; I don’t think Moxie and Mac-Q are walking around thinking deep thoughts. In fact, I know Moxie wasn’t since she was asking me for popcorn in Calico.

Micah, on the other hand, is well on his way to being a little hybrid of Mikey and myself, really getting into the nuts and bolts of reading up on ghost towns, asking lots of questions, fact finding and analyzing. Living on the Lost Coast also gives him lots of fodder to say stuff like, “hey! an OUTHOUSE! We have an outhouse!”, or laugh at signs that talk about how “a long time ago, people washed clothes by hand” ; “comforts of home” and things of that nature.

Calico Ghost Town

I hear that Calico was purchased by the guy that did Knotts Berry Farm – he bought it, renovated it, then donated it to the county – and it certainly has that feel to it. You pay an entrance fee when you drive in, it’s all very organized, very staged. The original vibe of the town feels like it has been white-washed and museum gift-wrapped.Everyone seems to be part of the schtick, the workers are all dressed up in old-time garb and so forth.

It’s hokey fun and we went for the ride.

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Calico Camping details:

Accessible. The fee for camping appeared to be included in the entrance ticket for the ghost town, but we weren’t sure. Water, bathrooms, lots of space, it’s an easy place to camp.

Meriah Nichols is teacher and artist who lives in a yurt off the grid. She is deaf, has 3 kids (one with Down syndrome) and a lot of chickens. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done. She likes her tea Earl Grey and hot.


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