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I feel pressured to be moving away from paper planners, but I still find something so satisfying about pen-to-paper. Don't you? I also really like the whole looking-back thing. Having a statement, proof of sorts, that I did something with a year, something visual to lay hands and eyes on.

But the thing is, I'm really picky.

I only like to write with Sharpie ultra fine points, and I loathe paper bleeding. I crave images. If a planner doesn't have one that I like, I'll draw it myself – with those ultra fine Sharpies.

I also like my dates in a variety of formats. I like the month-at-a-glance and I like room to write within each week.

The sum total of my pickiness means that it was pretty ballsy of Blurb to offer me a planner to review – because the chances were not good that I'd like it. It would, after all, have to have:

  • very thick paper (to prevent the paper bleeding from my Sharpies), and thick paper ain't cheap
  • tons of images to keep me visually stimulated
  • be small enough to carry but big enough to actually use
  • contain a variety of layouts – both month and day glances

Let me tell you this though: they nailed it.

photo 1

They have come up with some software that you have to download and then plug your photos into (which is a bit of a pain in the butt) – then you can completely create what you want in the way of a planner.

photo 3

You want photos on every page? Got it.

    photo 5

Want a photo of your baby girl with the month of October? There it is.

photo 4

Want one of you with the baby that was just lifted out of you? Ah!

photo 4

And you can do a lot more too. You can add decorations and customize each page with little doodad things, or insert dates of importance to you. You can really tweak this however you want.

Best thing about the planner – after all those pictures – is that the paper is really thick. Very strong. So I can use my Sharpies and (drumroll please) NO BLEEDING.

I am really, really impressed.

Hardcover. No bleeding. Chock full of images. Super quality. And it's $25 to make your own – which might seem like a lot of money for a planner, but I think it's a steal, given everything I've said above. These planners are well made.

Blurb is offering one free planner to a reader of this blog, so keeping with our 2013: Get Your Happy On theme from yesterday, just leave a comment on one thing that makes you happy. Extra entries available – check out the rafflecopter below.

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Or just head straight over to their site and make your own. Start your year out right. Happy and organized.



*** Note: Blurb didn't pay me to write this post. I received a planner and nothing more


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