Our Goal: The Inn

We are traveling the Pan American Highway partly for the adventure of travel but ultimately, the purpose of our trip is to find a place to settle. Our “forever home”.

In this “forever home”, we will build an Inn. The Inn will have more than one function. It will be a regular Inn for tourists to stay, but it will also:


  • be staffed by people with disabilities
  • be fully accessible
  • provide training for local people with disabilities to work at the Inn – and then graduate to work elsewhere

We see the Inn as also offering other types of training for people with disabilities:


  • bicycle and wheelchair repair and building
  • art practice
  • dance/theatre
  • guiding tours
  • language (English, Spanish, sign, etc)
  • gardening/farming
  • cooking
  • animal husbandry (- “farm to table” )

This is pretty broad. We think that because of the breadth of what will be going on, it will naturally turn into something of an intentional community.

As we slowly travel along the Pan American Highway, we are touching base with people, communities, and industry. We want to build this Inn where it will be needed and where it will succeed.

We think it should be in a place in which:


  • tourists will want to visit
  • has an existing tourist industry
  • has few employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • is fairly easy to get to
  • is inexpensive
  • has a friendly local community that wants something like this to be built, and want to participate
  • has arable land

We will stop when we find the right place. We might need to go all the way to Argentina and take stock from there – but we feel we can find the right place to set it up somewhere along the Pan American Highway.

If you have ideas, advice, contacts – especially contacts with local disabled communities – we would love to hear them. If you want to be part of this, stay tuned and in touch. If you want to support it, please consider subscribing.

Thanks for cheering us on – it really means so much.