Oh man, you guys.

Want to talk about a messed up ankle, happening a mere few weeks before MAJOR TRIP OF THE YEAR?! Rotten timing! Not like anything like that is ever planned, not like anything like that ever has fantastic timing though, right?

I’ve been walking this little (very fine!) line of trying to psych my good vibes into the healing, like throw all of my energy into MAKING the ankle heal, BELIEVING it will heal, and also preparing for the chance that it won’t be fully healed by the time we leave. In two weeks.

I’m lucky because I’ve been to Thailand and Angkor Wat and Cambodia before, so I have an idea as to how much walking I’ll need to do. I’m also lucky in that I experienced cool stuff in Mexico like Chichen Itza that was horribly painful to me because I really didn’t have the right tools to get my maimed body around on. The latter is my inspiration to get things like foldable knee scooters researched and in the wish list.

Moving on, Micah’s learning archery!20151007-_DSC7905 20151007-_DSC7906-3 20151007-_DSC7907-3 20151007-_DSC7913-3 20151007-_DSC7911-3 20151007-_DSC7909-3

Soccer’s been kinda nightmarish; archery is a total relief.


Another shot of Mikey. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t marry for looks!

20151008-_DSC7941 20151008-_DSC7938-3 20151008-_DSC7934-3 20151008-_DSC7932 20151008-_DSC7925-3

I wonder if he’ll remember any of this?

20151005-_DSC7894-3 20151005-_DSC7892And some random-isn photos of my beloved spaces here. God, but I love this life, love this land.

ducks on the roof
ducks on the roof
view from home
view from home

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  • So cool about your next big adventure? For how long are you going? Perhaps you should look into some nice Thai massage there, or invest in some good physical therapy that’s not hours away from the yurt. Careful with the poor foot.
    Good luck with the trip!!! Hang onto your electronics…we want to see some more awesome photos.

    • thanks!! We have insurance this time; it’s a good feeling knowing we are fully covered. I plan on keeping up here and posting photos as they come – and definitely hope to take advantage of the massage therapy there!!!!

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