hello, old friend (- post from ART)

– this post is from the ART section. multi-site on this site should be done soon but (but, but, but!) it’s not done yet, so this is a double posting. I really hope this stuff isn’t causing too much havoc with readers… 🙁 boo. anyway. here’s this little art post –


i have been trying to gather all these old art pieces together and either sell them or give them away. can i just say something right now while i’m at it? saying “pieces” sounds pretentious to me. like, it makes me want to put on a french accent or something, ‘zee ahht peeeeceees’. but i guess that’s what you call them. pieces.

so. anyway. i’ve put a bunch up for sale, the prices are pretty low. i guess i’ll try that out and if nothing sells, then i’ll make it REALLY expensive. that tends to work on craigslist – have you tried it? try it! say, ‘i’ll sell you the stroller for $150’ – if no one nips, then re-list it for $300 and voila! (i am kind of sort of joking here) while i’m at it though, here is some art stuff to look at – it’s not new. but it makes me smile . most of it anyway.

art gallery:

sale gallery



old art is like an old friend.

hello there, old friend!

artstuff 083it’s nice to see you again

artstuff 086

you too, mr. astonished!

it’s been a while. i think when i last saw you, i was sitting on the floor of an airport, somewhere, smoking my cigarettes. i never thought i’d actually quit, but hey! look at me now. whaddya know.

artstuff 045ooooooh, scary old sad selfie.

artstuff 019

and a little experiment in eye colours.

i guess that’s enough to upload for now. little by little, right?

in the meantime, *do* check out the ‘for sale’ stuff – if you want anything, holla.

oh – wait – one last old friend:

artstuff 049

the big ole’ “ear” one. mimi.

i like this one. it was part of a set, all the senses, in kanji! it was so much fun to make! on wood though, so it was impossibly heavy.





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