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update on the blog, Facebook, home and getting the dishes done.

It’s kind of funny how time just slips right out of my pocket now, what with the farming season beginning, THE DECK and HOUSE getting worked on, kids always seeming to be on break from school and it taking half an hour (at least) to feed all the animals. I’m not even talking about feeding the human animals.

It’s hella busy. But busy in the very best kind of way – that kind where I feel all productive, the dishes are done, the floor is (pretty) clean and the bills are paid. I’m probably eating too much chocolate though, damn those Easter hunts!


I had to write that down immediately before I forget. You might have noticed that I changed the name of this blog to my own name, reflecting the domain name. I also changed the Facebook page name to my own name, following the direction I’ve already been headed with Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of social media.

There isn’t any particular reason behind it, to be honest. I just kind of felt like it made sense. Blogging is changing and sites are changing. I’m not doing anything differently, I’m still writing about the same things and still taking lots of photo. It’s only the name.

The layout though is hopefully going to evolve to where it’s super easy to find what you want to. You can just scroll up or down to read from the category that you came for – or just read through them all!


meriah nichols lost coast-8The sun came out. Moxie and Mack tried to catch it.

meriah nichols lost coast-9And eat it. Cuz that’s what Humboldt kids do.

Drink sunshine, yo!

meriah nichols lost coast-7-2meriah nichols lost coast-6-2They are still striking TV most afternoons.

Am I the only mom in the world who BEGS her kids to watch TV? “Pleeeeeeeeeease come in and watch some TV” (- meaning, “pleeeeeeeease come in and let me cook dinner before its midnight“)

meriah nichols lost coast-5I gotta get one of those crockpot things. Set it up, plug it in, then I won’t need to actually cook.

meriah nichols lost coast-3I wonder if I can make food that actually tastes non-beige in one of those? Or not like, schlumpy? It all tends to get so unappealing. Maybe I haven’t done it right; other people swear by their crock pots.

meriah nichols lost coast-2

My kids would probably swear by their hammock.

meriah nichols lost coast-1

meriah nichols lost coast-6

meriah nichols lost coast-7

meriah nichols lost coast-5-2Or ukelele!

meriah nichols lost coast-3-2

meriah nichols lost coast-4-2

meriah nichols lost coast-1-2

Micah’s gotten into Pokemon.

He regularly wants to talk about the characters and it’s um… baffling. Beyond that, it’s like huge hunks of verbal gibberish come out of his mouth,

him: “mommy, YOSHIMUSHI!”

me: huh?

him: “YOSHIMUSHI!! he’s the spawn of AKABUCHOSHI who can PIKAPIKA, come ON! He’s so cool!”

me: ohhhhh.

him: “Did you know that he came from the planet KUDOKORUKU?”

me: no, I didn’t!

him: “But he wasn’t REALLY from KUDOKORUKU, he was a MUMBOJUMBO”

me: no kidding?

him: “mumbo jumbo jumbo mumbo mumbo mumbo”

me: hmmmm….



All I end up thinking all the time is, POKEMON! You were supposed to be over in the 80’s!! How is this HAPPENING?!

Archery is happening too, though.

meriah nichols lost coast-23-3

meriah nichols lost coast-26-2And Moxie’s had fun with babies –

meriah nichols lost coast-4-3

meriah nichols lost coast-5-3

meriah nichols lost coast-3-3

meriah nichols lost coast-6-3Shopping too

meriah nichols lost coast-7-3

meriah nichols lost coast-2-3last of all?


meriah nichols lost coast-1-3Happy Thursday!

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  • OMG Pokemon is huge at our house right now. I’m being delivered all these scholarly lectures on the evolved forms of Frogi and what kind of attacks are most effective against fire Pokemon, etc.

    And I have some excellent crock pot recipes – just learned how to make refried beans in the thing and it’s like delicious magic!!!

  • I just found your bog last week. Love it!!! I have a four year old daughter with Down syndrome and much of how I have felt over these last four years you have put into perfect words!! Now today as I am holding my sleeping girl I notice she is wearing the same Wonder Woman Jammie’s as Moxie. Thank you for sharing life with such honesty!

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