The Skinny Hippie

Thank you for joining me here!

In case you are brand-new, an introduction:

I’m Meriah and I write mostly about disability things. I do, however, care a lot about weight-loss, wellness and health, and have decided to that here, on “The Skinny Hippie” (which is a joke, since I’m not skinny and I’m only an “accidental hippie” in that most people think I’m a hippie because I live in a yurt off the grid and stuff). I’m letting “The Skinny Hippie” carry this part as I don’t want to start a new site, and yet I do want the weight loss and wellness piece to be slightly separate from the other pieces that I post.

Keeping things organized!

All the posts are below. Thanks for joining me.

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Meriah Nichols is a deaf artist, tech-junkie, Counselor (and sometime teacher), mom (one with Down syndrome), cat-lover, Trekkie, yurt-dwelling off-the-grid farmer's wife. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done.

I'm opinionated, friendly & chatty... I hope you are, too