Yes, this IS the same one I posted on facebook last week! Good memory! I can’t resist getting as much mileage out of this critter as possible though. Wouldn’t you? If you kept running into these slithering “meals”?
 I’m proud of myself that they’ve only been getting “eeeeeeek“‘s out of me (uncover a rock, see a mess of these, I want to bolt and BELLOW but I just eeeeeeeek). Truth: I’m not crazy about bugs. Truth: I don’t want to spread my dislike of them to the kidlings (never have – remember when I was a 2nd grade teacher in Macau, oh, 17 years ago, and little Daisy came running over to me after a cockroach explosion in the air conditioner with a few in her hands and says, Miss, Miss! THEY LIKE ME!!!!).

I’m trying to find some ahem, healthy balance between my involuntarily eeeeeeek’s and recoiling and you know, kissing the suckers.

 Isn’t he just beyond precious? Look at him, Little Man, all being “really useful”, helping to dig out the pond. He ran into a lot of worms and grubs and snails too. This is what happened:

Micah: That worm just went back to God
Me: Hmm. How? Was it already gone or did you help him?
Micah: I helped him. I helped him go back to God
Me: ….PAUSE (thinking: OH CRAP, is he going to turn into some serial killer, intent on “helping” people “go back to God”????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO),
      Um, honey, you don’t need to help the worms go back to God. They can get there on their own. Okay?
Micah: Okay

All righty, he said “okay” and seems to be letting them live so maybe everything will be just fine.

Moving on:

This are my arms! My left one got totally splashed by BOILING OIL and my right got hit by some slipping concrete. Poor me. This is the funny thing though: natural childbirth will put every kind of pain in perspective. Boiling oil after a 21 hour labor WITHOUT DRUGS? Ha!

And moving right along again, Mom and I went to Ranch 99 last week for fish (we always say we are only going for fish and end up with lots more, because who can resist the allure of their cool-as-hell Japanese fungi and $6 boxes of mangoes? NOT US), and I got these adorable clips for Moxie


CHERRIES!!! They are CHERRIES!! How cute is that? Not as cute as she is, of course, but they do complement her plump deliciousness rather perfectly, do they not?

waasssat? ME? CUTE?
Moxie-kins, you *drafted* the cute template!
awwww, shucks….. I just don’t know what to say…
…I mean, I don’t TRY to be cute or anything…
but gosh darn, I probably am, aren’t I?

but someone’s gotta do it… how do you open this thing anyway?
I’ll teach you!
see? you stack ’em like this!
Oooooooooooooh! THIS IS FUN!
Okay, would you hand me that piece?

aaaaaahhhh! I wanna touch it!
And the blocks came tumbling down and things got jumbled and rumbled and tossed up and put back in place and gee. Isn’t that just like everything else in this crazy-amazing-beautiful-devastating-joyous-adventure we call LIFE?

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