I thought this was a joke – and a pretty stupid and poorly made one at that, if I can speak frankly.

But the SOCKS ARE BACK?? Are you freaking kidding me?

World Down syndrome Day is again adopting a SOCKS theme?!!

Okay, they got rid of the “Odd Socks” bit of flat out offensiveness but can you give me a break?!


This is supposed to be some form of playful group effort, I suppose, “Oh look, your socks are so… “? Right, cuz who talks about socks, and who looks at socks, and why do we need to have socks represent my daughter’s extra chromosome?

I thought they’d learn their lesson from last year.

Remember the Open Letter I wrote? Here it is. I still stand by it.

We don’t NEED a theme. Diggit. World Down syndrome Day is in and of itself something cool enough. 3/21, 21/3.

We don’t need anything other than what we have: a specific day in which to celebrate the people we love who have Trisomy 21.

Take. The. Socks. Away.


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Odd Socks

This image, that I just right-click saved from the WDSD Website is still labeled “Odd Socks” – which goes to show how little thought has gone into this campaign or in reinventing it. Shame on you, WDSD Committee.


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  • Oh my. I didn’t understand the sock thing last year. Several folks told me about it, asked me about what we were doing with socks to celebrate WDSD, even showed me their socks. I looked at them kind of blankly–but that was how I looked at everyone in those sleep-deprived-newborn days. I figured it would make sense once I caught up on sleep. Nope, one year later, it still makes no sense.

  • I still refuse to “rock my socks” or whatever catchphrase they decide of the day. I don’t get it. And no matter how many people try to get me to understand, I still think it is insulting.

    • amen. I actually had to get off of facebook this morning because I thought I was going to do something inappropriate with my status and those socks…

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