La Chancla and the Well Mannered Mexican Child

I have a confession: I feel happy when I see an ill-mannered or unkept child here.  I told that to Mikey and he was all, “oh, you’ve seen an ill-mannered or unkept child here?” and I said I was sure I had. Somewhere. Couldn’t remember where. But I’m sure I have.

And I don’t get it! What are the parents DOING?!!

On the face of it, it’s everything wrong by American standards – coca-cola given to tiny children, cars crammed full of children and babies without seatbelts let alone infant seats. Those 5-point harness things seem like a joke when you see 3 children crammed into a front seat of cab.

Is it some holy trinity of a tight community, the church and school?

 Is it the delicious food that is making them so well mannered?

Because I swear, I have never seen children so CLEAN, so spotless, so well groomed and as well mannered as the kids are here.

We’ll be at a taco stand or something, our kids wolfing down the pure deliciousness that they receive and fighting like feral creatures over the one cup of Jamaica – while at the next table, the 4 kids that are approximately the same age as ours are eating gracefully, happily sipping from their shared cup (- no wailing! no knashing of teeth! no screams! ) and their mom or dad looks our way with a kind expression full of pity. Like, ‘man, it must suck to be you’.

It happens again and again and finally I went and did a google search on “why are Mexican children so well behaved” – and hot diggity baby! I found it!

Mikey’s out to get one 🙂

Well, here are some photos of our little hellions, most of which were posted this past week on Instagram (- we are @meriahnichols if you care to follow our feed)

a little moxie collage


another reason people laugh at us
another reason people laugh at us
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