Born: October 24th, 2012

Time: 11:50am

Place: San Francisco

Weight: 8lb 14oz

Length: 21 inches


He's bonny, isn't he!


About his name:

I always wanted to name a son of mine "Jack", mostly after my Grandpa, but also because I think it's a cool name.

We couldn't name him Jack with us all being "M"'s – and played with the "M" letter exchange – to "Mack".

Smooooth, and of course, also the name of the revolutionary turtle of Dr. Seuss.

I like naming kids after revolutionary turtles.


But My One True Darling felt it needed something…more. So, in spirit of things Scotch – honoring my Grandpa Jack who has strong Scottish roots, we thought Quinn felt right.

Like a well fitting glove, it slipped right around "Mac".

Quinn, "wise counsel", born in the year of the water dragon.



His Vietnamese name is "Minh Long" – which means "bright dragon" – and it connects him with Micah, whose Vietnamese name is "Xuan Minh" – "bright spring".

Minh Long.

Beautiful boy.

We are happy you are here.



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