Mama's Losing Weight

I’ve been losing weight. Oh, it’s not a lot to write home about, but these size 18’ers are not pinching me tightly.

 “Holy cow! Size 18?!!”

Um, yeah. When I got pregnant with Micah, I was a 12 on a thin day, 14 on a bloated one. I wore my size 14 jeans through most of my pregnancy. Then I was a 16 after Moxie. At least I think I was – I wasn’t terribly sure since I never really got out of my maternity yoga pants. Just kind of kept them on for the next 3 years. Then all of the sudden I needed jeans for some reason and I went shopping and found that the size 20’s were tight. I was horrified.

Absolutely, gut-wrenchingly horrified. Like, as horrified as I was when I saw the scale go past ‘200’ for the first time – only I was pregnant that time, so it was a valid excuse. The size 20’s were tight and I hadn’t been pregnant in around a year.

I flat out refused to buy anything that was larger than an 18, I went for (yet another) pair of XXL yoga pants and called it a day.

Anyway, so here I am. I have grown three human beings inside my body. I went through hell and back with post partum depression and the psych stuff that was already there – and the drugs that helped me through it, coupled with nursing just kept the poundage firmly on. I slipped in and out of C25K’s, starting and stopping, trying and trying again but not as consistent as I wanted to be.

And then we left and here in the land where lard is considered an essential ingredient, I find myself losing weight for the first time in a very long time. It really lights a fire under me and makes me more motivated than I have felt in months to keep with exercise and being somewhat (sort of) watchful about what I eat (but with all this adobada, I can’t promise too much).

I’ve popped back on the C25K (- that is, the free Couch to 5K app for the iphone – I don’t need wifi for it and it tells me when to stop/go and keeps me working towards being able to run a solid 5 miles). There is something exhilirating about the freedom of the walk/run, just being able to feel whole and well and strong and more like myself than I have in a long time. Years even.


I’m also working on my belly. I try to do do either Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy workout (- the ab/arm stuff is great) or the 10 Minute Solutions (perkily titled) ‘Blast Off Belly Fat!’ . It feels weird to focus on my belly because pre-kids, my belly was always the easiest part of my body – I never had to work hard to have a pretty flat stomach. But now? Holy shit. Three kids – and two c-sections – is NOT a joke with my abs.

There it is! I hope this post will be followed by some others, and if you have any tips on getting fit while on the road, boy would I love to hear ’em!

PS – Post-workout photos: FUN!

IMG_5067 IMG_5077 IMG_5150 IMG_5143 IMG_5142 IMG_5148



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