Mexico City (“DF”) Subway

I have to write a little post about the subway in Mexico City. And I have to do this because I just wanted it OUT THERE, on the internet, that this is an excellent subway system, so easy that our 6 year old learned how to navigate it.


5 pesos a ride, anywhere.

Trains come every few minutes.

It goes all over the place.

Picture icons are used as well as colour coding and script. Definitely helpful for those who can’t read and/or for whom reading Spanish isn’t easy.

Stations with archaeological relics and art.

Also: a carriage at the end of trains just for women and children.

meriah nichols mexico-13

And: stations with secure bicycle parking and ramps up the stairs for bikes.

The only thing it needs is consistent disability access and it will be set.

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Mexico City has adopted a bike share program that is similar (or the same?) as what we saw in Paris. We saw the bikes all over the place. Definitely a rad option

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