Moxie Gets Dressed! Photo Flow + Random Miscellany!

Some people have this crazy notion that I doll Moxie out.

That might have been true when she was a baby (okay, it WAS true), but sister has some strong ideas now on what she wants to wear.
Even if she has to climb the shelves for it, she dresses HERSELF. You better keep your distance unless you want a full-blown tantrum…

(and please excuse the mess)

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About the “Monday Montage” – the photo hop that is up now. It’s flopping! On a kind of majestic level. I think it might be the theme but it also might be the day…then it again it might be just that y’all don’t want to do a photo hop at all. I don’t want to believe that, so this is what I’ll do: try again, but NEXT THURSDAY; not Monday. And we’ll shelve the theme.


Yep. You read that right. Tea Collection. Dresses under $20. If you don’t want a dress, they have shirts and shorts and stuff for 50% off now too. Crazy. Sweet. You won’t know whether to thank me or blame me… (just click the picture and it’ll take you there). You are welcome/I’m sorry.


Tea Sale

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  • Great job, Miss Moxie! We just got Owen to start with his pants–he doesn’t care about what to wear, but we’re trying to get him to dress himself. He’s so willing to do it, but man it’s hard for him. The shirt thing is totally causing him to melt down, so we stopped pushing that and do it for him for now. Who knew that tasks we take for granted would be problematic for someone else?! Love your sense of style too, Moxie!

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