Moxie Performs “Let It Go” & The Yurt Explodes in Awesomeness

Meriah Nichols is teacher and artist who lives in a yurt off the grid. She is deaf, has 3 kids (one with Down syndrome) and a lot of chickens. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done. She likes her tea Earl Grey and hot.


#deaf mom, teacher & #disability activist, living in a yurt #offthegrid. 3 kids (1 with #downsyndrome), a camera and a lot of chickens. Never a dull moment
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  • I love it! Let It Go is such a good anthem for little girls. The girl I used to nanny loved this song too, I had a lovely video of her dancing and singing it, I bet she’d have loved a full-length mirror to see herself rocking out šŸ™‚

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