Moxie Starts School!

Moxie started school yesterday at The Best School Ever.

I have a confession to make: I don’t actually tell you the FULL TRUTH about The Best School Ever and it’s because after reading everyone’s blog posts and Facebook updates on the living hell that most schools make life for parents (- especially life for a parent of a child with a disability), I feel GUILTY because holy Mother, we scored here.

Maybe I should be a little more honest just because then you know that something like this actually exists in the world? And might give you hope and also some juju power to not accept less?

I don’t know.

But this is the ratio in Moxie’s class: 14 kids to THREE TEACHERS. Yeah, that boils down to almost (almost!) 5 kids per teacher. 5 small people per blessed teacher.

I love it. And her teachers? They bring to the table pro-farming skills, massage therapy and horse therapy! The master teacher of the class has a background in Special Education and these young people get to do all kinds of Waldorf-y, Montessori-y stuff like learn to garden, play with wood blocks, paint, art, art, art, art, art and learn Spanish. The school “sanitizer” has Down syndrome and is a presence by hanging out with the kids (- his nephew is in Moxie’s class) and also teaches them sign language.

It’s “win” all over the place and we feel doused in a cauldron of Luck, simmered in Good Fortune and double dipped in Gratitude.

But enough talk. Here are the photos from yesterday:

meriah nichols aug (6 of 10)

meriah nichols aug (2 of 10)

meriah nichols aug (10 of 10)

meriah nichols aug (5 of 10)

meriah nichols aug (4 of 10)

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meriah nichols aug (9 of 10)


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We arrived at school, Moxie went into her room and her eyes seemed to expand and take up exactly half of her face. She looked around, taking in the art centers, the playdough table, the puzzles, the blocks, all of these things she loves to play with – and the little children running around doing what little kids do – and she looked at me and lovingly sighed, “Maaaaaaaaaaaaa……”. Heaven in a room for this chica.

Meanwhile, however, MacQ was missing her something fierce.

meriah nichols aug (1 of 10)

He cradled Moxie’s “Boots” for a good long time, wandered around and asked for her.

meriah nichols aug (1 of 1)

It’s a good thing he had Kianna



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