Moxie's Tribe

Moxie’s already part of a tribe of baby tigers
There is Katie, Leader of the Pack. Then there is Oliver, the Sizzling Star and Moxie, Lightning-Hands. 

Katie was born about a month before Moxie; Oliver about two weeks. I met their lovely mommies when we were all pregnant… and I gotta say – there is something infinitely special about getting to know a baby that you first met when they were inside their mother. That’s just my take. Moxie’s take: she’s simply happy that she’s got herself this tribe.

And clearly, this tribe is now plotting to rule the world

Or at the very least, some kind of revolution

you know?

Well, sorry, Moxie – if you didn’t want us to know, you should be a little more subtle about your plotting!

I love going to any and all get-togethers, just to see these babies roll around and do their thing with one another. Crinkle toys. Try to eat scarves. Practice sitting up.

And falling over, like little puppies. Or more correctly, like little tiger cubs.

timmmmber! down she goes!

Fun to watch them, watching us

what. are. you. saaaaaaaayinnnng?

Fun to just see them growing, being the the beautiful babies that they are.

And watch a revolution unfold in front of our eyes.

p.s. there are two more babies in this Tribe – hopefully we can introduce you to them soon! And thank you, Katie’s Mommy, for the black-and-white photo I posted here!

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Meriah Nichols is a deaf artist, tech-junkie, Counselor (and sometime teacher), mom (one with Down syndrome), cat-lover, Trekkie, yurt-dwelling off-the-grid farmer's wife. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done.

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