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Oh yes! I was telling you about ways in which you could make yourself all loopalicious, should you desire to go my route – and why would you want that?! Hahaha. [ really! why?!]

But yes. Things have been really super crackingly crazy over here in de casa. It’s like, total madness, so much so that I don’t even want to take photos of it. I know I should, to laugh at it in the future maybe? – but I just can’t. It’s utterly too much and that’s where I draw my line: no photos of the absurdity that we call “packing”.


We contacted our landlords and asked what colour to paint the walls back to (- I had selected some charming shades of lavendar, mint, yellow and pink when we moved in!) and the landlords said to buy the Home Depot Behr Brand of Kelly Moore Bone White Semi-Gloss. Got it. Okay. So Mikey went on down to Home Depot, went through it all there (- and you know how it is at Home Depot when you are having your convo about paint in the paint section with the one high school aged clerk looking all befuddled with middle-aged tired men wearily and borderline-exasperated lined up, rolling their eyes at anyone – which means YOU! –  asking questions…). Went through the asking for “bone white” ; “no bone white”, “no, there’s got to be bone white”, “no, Kelly Moore doesn’t make a bone white”, “but there’s got to be!”; “uhhhhhhhhhh…. no, sorry!”. yadayadayadayada

Mikey comes home, “they don’t have bone white.”

I went to the landlords, “no bone white.”

The landlords sent me a PHOTO of the paint can saying “bone white”, so Mikey took the photo back on to Home Depot and the teen clerk was all, “oh, you mean, BONE”


Yeah, so that’s been going on. And now 2 out of the 4 rooms that need painting are now BONE, semi-gloss and looks pretty awful. Semi-gloss is the stuff that vomit can slide off, it’s just all hard and glossy and not what you want your living space walls to look like.

But it’s not our place! BONE, semi-gloss, they want; bone SEMI-GLOSS, they get!

Moving on,

I suck at goodbyes. Like, awfully. There are some people that it’s hard to say goodbye to because I love having them in my life so much, there are some people that are easy to say goodbye to because while I love having them in my life, I’m full of confidence that I’ll see them again. But the majority of everyone? I don’t really think I’ll see again. Not in this life anyway.

And you’d think I’d be good at this, being a third culture kid and all, moving just about every year, new schools all the time and a steady stream of new-meet-and-greet. But I’m pretty awful at it. I want to just duck under a table and let it all pass and come out when we are in Mexico already.

We said goodbye to Grandpa Jack.


I walked home, crying, because I just don’t know if I’ll ever see him again – he’s 90 in November. He could be like my Grandpa Knobby who is still trucking along at 97? Or my Grandma Jean who is 94 or so? Maybe. But we never know these things, do we.


And Grandpa? He’s a good Grandpa. He’s a wonderful Grandpa. He’s a wonderful person example for me in how I want to care for my kids, so steady, so responsible, so always-there. So reliable.


I love my Grandpa Jack.



Happening elsewhere: I’m on Mamalode – “Partners in Crime” – in which they chose to feature ME as BATMAN.












(or something like that… sort of… go check it out 🙂 )


I’m @withalittlemoxie over there if you care to follow my feed – here’s some of the photos I posted this week (- mixed in a with a couple that I meant to!)

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