American Association of People with Disabilities: more of a general clearinghouse of information

National Council on Disability: cross disability information, other information too

DREDF: Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

DRA: Disability Rights Advocates

WID: World Institute on Disability

CIL: Center for Independent Living – where it all started. fantastic information on housing, benefits, rights and more

Through the Looking Glass: for parents with disabilities as well as children with disabilities

Disability Rights California (formerly Protection and Advocacy, Inc): CA specific but still with excellent cross-disability and cross-state information

Mobility International: for travel/disability/exchange/education information

JAN: Job Accommodation Network – A-Z of disability and accomodation

ODEP: Office of Disability Employment Policy: disability and job information (for a government site, this is actually pretty good) Also a good, cross-disability site with a ton of information