round house with snap peas
our house

That’s what it is up here on our hill.

It’s kind of surreal to me that I was sick from the anxiety of coming back only a short while ago – did that really happen??!! Was I really so stressed out? But, yeah and yeah. Now that the bulk of the basic work has been done – I cleaned up the house and the garden area immediately by the house, cleaned the outhouse and laundry areas – it’s pretty wonderful to be here.

snap peas with dew on them

round house with snap peas
our house

Mack and I have this thing. We sit outside, me on my rocking chair and him on his little Ikea relaxer, and we just sit there when Moxie and Micah are at school and we want to take a break. We look out across our meadow and mountains and trees all around. We don’t talk much, we just sit there and watch the hawks, hummingbirds, butterflies, lizards. Always something going on out there. It’s like Nature’s TV.

little boy looking at camera and talking

And our chickens!

little girl with arms spread out behind her chicken little boy holding a chicken little boy looking up = chickens are around him chieckens

We love these girls

a chicken laying an egg little boy reaching into the chicken coop for eggs eggs


little boy looking at camera, he seems intensely focused on something

little boy surrounded by chickens little boy walking next to chickens poppy with a bug in it two kids mock fighting with sticksOur old fig tree is still here and growing splendidly. A neighbor told us that there used to be an old homestead right next to the fig tree, and they raised sheep. The sheep used to hang out by the tree, and that’s why the tree grew to what it is now – this MASSIVE tree of unbelievably proportions.

The chickens dig it.

chicken roaming free ferns moss on tree trunk wild iris

Micah’s gone through some bumps in transitions back to school; Moxie hasn’t. There you go.

little girl smiling little girl with honey stick little girl looking directly at camera light with little girl girl half lying down, back facing camera. she is wearing a blue tutu

Our beautiful, wild, amazing world up here.

baby fern little boy holding snap pea flowers little boy with flowers in his mouth little boy looking up at the sky with snap peas around him

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      • hi Meriah, its fairly easy to save seeds.Being low on money, i get some free seeds from local garden group but I save most of the ones I use from foods I eat Mostly you just put them aside to dry. If those are sweet peas, save pods put aside pods that form in fall, or maybe earlier .in Ca. In Massachusetts its fall. I put them on paper or old clean window screens let them sit til thoroughly dry. This works for most. Peppers you put seeds aside.Tomatoes strain the juice put resulting seeds on paper. These tend to stick- just -peel off w/ fingernails.
        Things like leaves of raspberries, strawberries blueberries I save and dry for teas. Also mints, lemon balm, etc. I also save leaves of sage, oregano- dry, then use blender, or food processor or if off the grid pulverize. It would take awhile w/ mortar and pestle. Could maybe use a window screen? If you have any unique berries like service berry, elder berry, currants those can be frozen – off the grid I would try drying see if they will dry before spoiling. And I would love any of those seeds you come up w/. E mail me at I will send you my address. If you want to send me your address or PO box i could send you some seeds. Thanks, Barbara
        PS Are you -address is below?

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