Rain is Making Me Question Life

I talk so much about disability on this site, and how I define myself as “disabled.” Not meaning of course that I can’t do anything; rather than I have a duality in my physical existence: the way that my body is and the world around me. I’ve also talked about how I see travel and disability overlapping. Disability is a strong aspect of my personal culture, but so too is being a third culture kid.

What “third culture kid” means is that I was brought up outside the US, by parents who were from a culture other than the ones I was raised in. That’s me being raised in Fiji and Hawaii by parents from the Berkeley area, and then in Japan and Taiwan  by myself (before I was 18, as well as after).

Being a third culture kid is the big, huge, enormous thing that Mikey and I have in common. Besides the fact that we love each other eternally (and have 3 kids together), it’s probably why we’ll never split up: it’s too hard to find other people like us. He was raised in the Philippines, New Zealand, France, Ghana, Bangladesh and the US.

Both of us are used to moving a lot. Not necessarily traveling full-time like the Bumfuzzles (a family whose blog I love to follow), but like setting down, living for 3-4 years in one place, then leaving. And repeat. And repeat.

I’ve been getting itchy feet, right along with Mikey, and I can’t tell if it’s the rain or the effect of growing up as a third culture kid. Like, is the constant, incessant rain and dealing with walking to the outhouse in the mud and downpours getting to me, or is it that we’ve lived here for over 3 years now, so our internal clock is ticking and telling us to move on?

For anyone who is a third culture kid, you know what a hard call this is. Are you making up annoying things to be annoyed at because you feel like it’s time to move, or are you genuinely annoyed at it, or is it just the rain and it’s all going to pass?

I really don't know

But I do know that when I’m driving uphill (or down, for that matter) and the car tires sink down in.one.more.huge.pothole and the body sort of slides around in the mud a little, potholes so bad that (as Mikey quotes an NPR piece on Zimbabwe) “only drunk drivers go straight,” and I’m thinking, ‘nuh-uh… I’m over this.”

Is it the rain?

Or is it 3 years?

Mikey says it the amount of rain in such a short period of time, plus the dirt mountain roads.



I don't know!

Off the grid living, man!

Roaming with Blue

Moxie was gifted a bunch of Frozen gear from her Auntie Jesusita, and wouldn’t take it off for THREE DAYS.

She walked through the rain and mud with that Elsa dress on! It was as cute as it gets.

And those 3 are fish. They jump in the tub any chance they get, rain, shine or anything in between.

I don’t know, you know?

We’re still looking into moving back to Hawai’i, like I was talking about in this post. We’re looking at land, options, jobs, schools the whole ball of wax.

And we are taking our time, because the one thing that both Mikey and I both want to do is  The Right Thing. We’re just trying to figure out what that is.

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  • Thank you, Meriah, we enjoy following your posts as well. Your upbringing as a third culture kid is so different than mine – as I grew up in the same neighborhood my entire childhood and had never taken an airplane until I was 18 (with Pat and his family). I now have the itchiest feet in our family, feeling like I never saw anything and now want to see it all (and show our kids). And rain is my worst enemy. 🙂

    • stories like yours absolutely amaze me, Ali. Like, people that have grown up in one place and then BAM! go off and don’t stop! So awesome, how you have such courage in finding a way to do what you want. xoxox

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