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Hey! Do you guys remember our shower?

meriah nichols pho recipe september 2014 (20 of 22)It was set outside, made out of  wood pallets and was just about the best damn shower, ever. Hot water, straight from the spring, and don’t let anyone tell you differently: there isn’t anything better than an outdoor shower. At night, with the stars overhead, or in the morning with the fresh light and dew, or even in the afternoon with the sun and clouds, it just doesn’t get better than that.

Well, we had to tear it out to make way for the Guest House Project.

20160330-_DSC2709-2Which was cool, totally cool, because we’d get the Guest House, right? And the Guest House will have a shower, bath and laundry room.

But immediately after we tore out the shower and tapped the soil down, the rains started again, so we had to wait 2 weeks before the guys could come back up to work on it. That was still okay, and honestly, the 6+ weeks now that we’ve been without a shower isn’t that a big a deal except for…

Meriah Nichols moles-9Poison Oak. 

It’s hit me so bad that I’m on my second round of prednisone. Poison Oak isn’t really something you want to sit in a bath with. so yeah. it’s been tough.

Miserable, in fact.

Nothing I want more when I’m screaming under my skin as to stand in the shower with the blistering hot water to numb the itch.

As if poison oak weren’t enough (and really, it was quite enough), Mack and I got a vile sort of stomach flu.

Meriah Nichols moles-2-2
This isn’t really a picture of Mack and I with the stomach flu. That would be gross. It’s just us zoning at my brother’s place

The stomach flu has been wrenching, but more than anything, makes me miss the shower even more. I feel so dirty.


I think it’ll all be done soon – they guys have been working miracles out there. More photos when I’m feeling able to get out of bed.

In the meantime!

Meriah Nichols moles-3Did you guys even see this?! I slipped it in a post last week (I think) to see if you would notice, but no one said anything!

It’s a MOLE!

The cats, having killed all the mice in the house, the shed and surrounding areas, have moved on to MOLES.

Meriah Nichols moles-1

Meriah Nichols moles-2We had never actually seen one before. That was kind of neat. Not for them, though, obviously.

Meriah Nichols moles-15

Moxie loves her sand. Or maybe that’s cooking in her sand!

Meriah Nichols moles-14And some more photos from when the kids and I went to the redwood forest on our way home – I already posted a bunch, but here’s the rest:

Meriah Nichols moles-12-2

Meriah Nichols moles-11-2

Meriah Nichols moles-4-2

Meriah Nichols moles-3-3

Meriah Nichols moles-2-3

Meriah Nichols moles-1-3

Meriah Nichols moles-17Tired out…

Meriah Nichols moles-12And a homecoming…Meriah Nichols moles-11

Meriah Nichols moles-16


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