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“Inspirational” mom-petitions which touch on the disability/Ds communities are all over the place right now. Which kind of cracks me up; moms jostling each other (like bridesmaids over the wedding bouquet) to be the most inspiring – me, me! PICK ME! I’m INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This, by the way, goes against so much that I strived for in my previous life as a working person: don’t see disability as an inspiration. It’s no more of an inspiration than having a nose is.

So it makes me wonder if I have it all wrong. I mean, what IS an inspiration? What makes something inspiring? Or someone, for that matter? Is it someone doing something we are scared of? Or that we want to do? Or does inspiration lie somewhere between the two?

What does inspiration mean to you?

I know for me, seeing someone else do stuff that I’d like to do is cool but ultimately, the thing that really drives is me is the thought of my kids describing me when I’m dead. I know, I’m so morbid, huh. But really. I have a certain way that I’d like them to think of me and that pushes me when I feel sluggish.

The other thing is God – the Universe – Source – Whatever you want to call that Light Energy. Let’s just say God, okay? I read once that if we truly fear God, we fear nothing else. If we fear everything else,we’re never truly fearful of God. This has driven me for big chunks of my life, making me face things I was scared of-  like volleyballs and sick old people. And even more significantly, having a child with Down syndrome.

I no longer think that it’s fear of God; I think it’s being being aligned with God, connected with the Source. I think the more connected we are, the less afraid of all the small stuff we become.

Not to be trite and make light of something I deeply believe, but I’m really trying to keep all that in mind while I deal with these snails.

 Ugh. They really gross me out

I though to clean out one of Micah’s toys and OUT a whole bunch plopped. Oh, you can’t see ’em too well? How about this:


 Double shudder. Let’s take a quick break. MOXIE!!! How about we take your picture now???

Hmm. Guess this isn’t a good time for her. Okay, back to the snails:

 Whoops, almost didn’t see it! Ugh. That SO GROSSES ME OUT. They are all over the place and I’m TERRIFIED of smashing down on them like so much a Fijian cockroach, squishing and crunching all over the bleedin’ place. UGH.


 Individually, on some side path whilst hiking or something, I think they are pretty cute, what with those antennas and all. But in my backyard? HELL NO!!

Moxie? You want to take a picture now? Moxieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?! Where ARE you? Oh, she’s outside already:

 ..and that would be Micah, hard at work!

On a totally random note, I wonder when/IF he’ll ever get tired of that Thomas t-shirt? I’m kind of ready for a change, myself…

…. and they are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Back, back, BACK! Ugh.

Yes. Sniff. Sniff.
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  • I've been thinking about those contests, too, and I'm still not sure what to think.

    I agree with the disability is not an inspiration thing but that's only because I think it separates the special needs community from the world when we're striving so hard to be part of it.

    Definitely something I need to think about more, though! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh and on a side note, my uncle wrote a song about slugs once and it is a family favorite!

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