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I caught this guy napping on the couch AGAIN, and she was over in the next room, snoozing instead of writing… and I totally get it – it’s not easy writing or following a bunch of thought provoking prompts when you have little children screaming all over you, crying, moaning, needing, wanting, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeding and perhaps even worse, oozing things like bodily fluids (- if you are potty training? I am, it’s awful).

So how about a break?

We’ll take this weekend to write the posts we’d like to work on from the preceding weeks (all links are open and below), or the coming weeks, or go ahead and email me your posts in document form for the book! (- my email address is



Week One: My Connection with Disability

Week Two: Coming to Terms with Disability

Week Three: A Letter to My Younger Self

Week Four: Talking Raw, Talking Real: Challenges Related to Disability

Week Five: Connections and Comforts

Week Six: VENT! – what pisses you off

Week 7: Golden Moments

* all links are still open if you’d like to participate  *


– coming weeks – links not up yet:

Week 8: How A Connection with Disability Has Changed How I See the World

Week 9: A Challenge: Present a Post in a Way You Don’t Usually – write a poem, post photographs or a painting your made…something that stretches you

Week 10: What I Will Fight For

Week 11: My Vision of a Perfectly Accessible World Looks Like This

Week 12: Disabled and Proud, And Here’s Why

Week 13: Celebrate! Pieces I Love


The Book

Now, THE BOOK. I’m going to be compiling the posts of people who want to participate in this project and we’ll sell it for a few dollars and donate 100% of the proceeds (- that is, minus the cost of publishing) to an organization we all agree on.

If you have a post or two that you’d like to see in the book compilation, that’s fine. If you have the whole series that you’d like to see in the book compilation, that’s fine. There is no limit or restrictions. Personally, I care far more about quality over quantity.

So, if you want to participate, just contact me using the form right here:



Catch all the posts via email – just enter your address below, click to confirm and that’s it!


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