Superman Returns! Tecolote Rejoices!

Superman in 2012

Superman in 2012

...and back in 2014!
…and back in 2014!
There he was again, 2012
There he was again, 2012
and - KABAM! - in 2014!
and – KABAM! – in 2014!

The fine citizens of the Tecolote Beach rejoiced as their hero returned after a long sojourn.

“Hooray!” they exclaimed, cheering him on his mighty way, powerfully treading the sand dunes, “YOU ARE BACK!!”

Our young hero put his strong hands on his hips, fixed his audience with a steady and steely gaze as he thrust his massive shoulders back and into the wind. Thus prepared for action, he did what all true superheroes must do at one point or another:




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    • haha! He was psyched that I posted it now though. ‘that’s ME!’
      – conditions are perfect for you to come on over and test out your truck, you know. whales are passing by, right along with the dolphins, sea lions and other gorgeous wild creatures that look tame on tv but amazing in real life. 🙂 xox

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