Sweet Feature on Gillian Marchenko, Day of the Dead and Other Kernels of Thought

My friend Gillian featured my little tiny (free!) book of quotes on her blog and that made me really happy. Honored too – since she's a kick-ass writer and it's really nice to have someone that I think is great think nicely of something I am doing and then we fall into a warm and fuzzy 'awwww' pile and it's every kind of awesome.


This having friends-you've-never-met thing really rocks.

Here is her post.

Thank you, Gillian.


We went to the OB, just like I said we would. We had a stupendously long wait (which thankfully were able to dip out of for a walk and quick meet with friend Katie who lives nearby) followed by a remarkably short OB visit. I'd say it was a ratio of 120 minutes to 10. 10 being with the OB.


She did the look-see; Boo is still in breach.


Then she wanted to talk dates: when to slice him out.


She gave me until next Tuesday to figure that part out. There is something so surreal, by the way, about having some timeline, a deadline even, of deciding when you want your baby to be born. Over thinker that I am, things like astrological signs come into mind, proximity to Halloween, symmetry of the date. Mikey tends to roll more along the lines of, what time he finishes work, will he have the weekend off… and um.. .did he change the transmission fluid already?


And by the way – yes, we can wait until 10/31, his actual due date. But if we wait, we run the risk of going to into labor naturally, which if he is still breach, will result in an emergency c-section and possible death in case of his umbilical cord touching air with him still inside.


Yeah. My thought exactly: scary, Big Stuff.


My Ma picked us up with all that fresh-sponged around in my head and drove us over to San Francisco where we got to dive into the bliss that is Dia de Los Muertos: Day of the Dead. It doesn't technically happen till the 1st of November, but this was an early celebration. Thank God – I like nothing better than Day of the Dead. Halloween is a close second, but Day of the Dead trumps it all.

Might be the alters.

I love those.

Powerful expressions of love – or thought, belief, memory

The kids ate it up.




These are among my favorite parenting moments. Seeing them explore something so new for them, so bright. Explaining what I can about what it all means – in terms as simple as I can come up with. The people in these places are people that I am familiar with, far more so than the MommyCrowd that I see at the park . I love that Moxie was so into the shoes that people were wearing, their tights even. She murmured her appreciation for the heels, smiled up at the wearers, beguiling them to give those shoes to her, to Moxie!


It was every kind of great. And as much as I loved it, I popped the party with my exhaustion.

Not that the kids weren't tired too. They were. They just don't have babies growing in them to boot.

Almost-full-cooked-babies that look to be arriving even earlier than expected!




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  • I think is fun you get to pick the date your baby is born! I would've picked 11/07 form Manolo instead of 11/05… but then that emergency c section took care of that! I'm kind of like you… thinking about a symetrical date/numbers zodiac signs and other astrological stuff 🙂

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