Taking Blue Out of the Bag: A Week in Review

Fiji was the best place I ever lived for hunkering down in blue weather with a blue mood. I miss Fiji – winter in Fiji, that is – when I feel like I did this week. I wanted to do what I did when I was a kid – grab a blanket, lie in bed and read till my eyes hurt while the steam rose from the rain falling outside.


You know that kind of week – the kind where a little too much gets dumped on you and you just try to find some footing.

I found part of mine by writing my "Why Bother?, She Asked" post. And by remembering this:

The story is going to be my choice in the end, you know. All of ours are. When we die, our kids/loved ones aren't going to be privvy to the how's and why's of whatever it is we choose, the reasons behind all of our actions. They are just going to know what we did. The lines we engraved within the story of our life. When I think of that, it makes it easier to try to find my positive equilibrium. Makes it possible to wade my way through a depression, triggered.


Beyond thoughts of their future perceptions of my current reality, I found my footing just by being with them. Here they are, looking out the window and trying to find our neighbours.

Found it by working on the garden. Found it by praying and trying to connect myself more with God. Sometimes it feels like I'm looking for that slim bar of gold in a mound, a room full of hay. But I know I can and I know that when I do, it's going to be worth it.


Posts from this week:

Vision Boarding: What it is and How to Make One

A post near and dear. Sort of a cross between a career counseling post and a travel-prep post – describing the process and thought behind creating a vision board. These things are fuel for my fire. Put more in a way my Ma might like, they make my spirit sing!

"Why Bother?, She Asked"

There was some really dispiriting negativity displayed by a few mothers in the Down syndrome community. It cut me pretty badly – writing through it helped me but I think it will take me a while to get over some of that vitriol. Gross. I felt like I took a bath in oil-coated fecal refuse, spilled by those women.

"Who Shoots a Sikh?"

It's like walking into a Quaker House of Friendship and slaughtering some of the nicest people that ever lived. I'm so sick of not just the intolerance, but of the blatant religious ignorance that is a part of the gneral makeup of this here America. Isn't it enough that we suck at science so severely? Can't we just get basic religion down? And while we are at it, grow some collective brains and ban guns? This is beyond ridiculous. When are we going to learn? Haven't enough people died already?

Cactile Love

Continuing the Mexico trip from earlier in the year. This post was a photo bomb – a whole lot of photos of things of the cactile variety.

…and then, I was depressed and Micah got sick and I just didn't feel like posting anything. So I didn't. I hung out with my kids instead. Cuddled my feverish boy and made everyone healthy drinks. Watched the Sound of Music and sang along – loudly and thrillingly – off-key.

I adore my family. Precious people of my heart.

Love those all-so-popular memes too. Always something to stir a smile.

All of these – photos and memes – were posted on the With a Little Moxie facebook page – "like" it to have fun in your feed. I'm also on instagram- meriahnichols – and I promise I won't drown you with repetitive and achingly boring photos of my coffee.


Wrapping up, super wonderful video of Micah with his harmonica:

And – from Tea Collection:

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Pretty Cool. My fave? The bicycle hoodie for boys. Very awesome.

Have a great weekend!

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