Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? I GOT ME A TOOTH!
Oh, you didn’t really get a picture of it. Hmm. Well. Let’s try again

cheeese! Did you get it?

HERE! I’m opening wide! Get it! Get it!
How about this? Get it? Got it?
No? How about this? See it?

Work with me here! You gotta be a little quicker!

 See it?
Got it?
Wanna give me the dang camera? I’ll take the picture!

Okay, okay, fine: you can try again


Got it?

How bout this?

From down there?

Mommy, I just don’t know what to say… I don’t know why you can’t get a picture of it… I mean, I’m showing it to you from every possible angle!
OH! THAT’S what you want??? 
Here you go!
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Meriah Nichols is a deaf artist, tech-junkie, Counselor (and sometime teacher), mom (one with Down syndrome), cat-lover, Trekkie, yurt-dwelling off-the-grid farmer's wife. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done.


  • Awesome! We cannot wait for teeth arrival here-everyday she seems to get more and more bothered and I wish I could magic them to arrive!

  • Ha! I know – they are ONLY just starting to cut through – but cut through, they are! I'm just too, too excited

  • Hi there! I just started following your blog. Wow! I just love the Moxie pictures with the captions 🙂 And those eyes! –Anna (Ellie Bear's mama)

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