I don’t even know.

I was just in cranky mood for pretty much the whole time we were there. I am generally a pretty cheerful person, so that’s just not normal and I blame it on.. what… I blame it on the freezing cold weather there, on the greyness that seemed to perpetuate everything, on the RV park we stayed at that I didn’t like because the owner let her rabid asshole dogs loose and they BIT Kianna, can you believe it?? (thank God Kianna’s current with her shots). And those asshole dogs were always digging around in our trash, and our trash invariably contains stuff like POOPY DIAPERS and you know what that results in. I was so pissed off.

I even got pissed off visiting Teotihuacan because we brought Kianna and they wouldn’t let us bring her in. So we had to take a taxi ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way back to the RV park, leave Kianna kenneled in the camper and return. And then we ran into wild dogs at the pyramids. For crying out loud.

But it was cool to see the pyramids. Way hella cool.

Cooler though to see Moxie – who adores climbing stairs with the passion that Cookie Monster reserves for cookies – to see her little face LIGHT UP with the shining happiness of ten million megawatt bulbs at ALL THE STAIRS to climb!

And Mikey, because visiting that site was a dream come true for him.

Here are the photos:

pyramid of the sun

pyramid of the sun

meriah nichols mexico-5 meriah nichols mexico-18 meriah nichols mexico-17 meriah nichols mexico-16 meriah nichols mexico-15

pyramid of the moon
pyramid of the moon

meriah nichols mexico-13 meriah nichols mexico-12 meriah nichols mexico-10 meriah nichols mexico meriah nichols mexico-9 meriah nichols mexico-8

they loved their 'slide'
they loved their ‘slide’

meriah nichols mexico-3 meriah nichols mexico-11 meriah nichols mexico-6

wild dogs
wild dogs


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  • Meriah – after looking around at your blog a bit I am endlessly amazed at your ability to drive to these places. Yes, we have driven through Mexico but I would be sick with stress to go so close to Mexico City. Too bad about the dogs etc. You so have a right to be in a bad mood. Nice to see the ruins though as we will not make it there. Interesting that there was some blue sky when you arrived but quickly gone.

    • I don’t know whether to laugh at your amazement at our ability to drive to these places or be really, really embarrassed. I kind of think me and Mikey were born with some altered genes where we get stressed out about stuff others don’t, and don’t get stressed about stuff that people typically do.
      I don’t know… *smile*
      But! yes! the sky was amazing that day. It went from blue to dark and foreboding and by the time we were leaving, parts were blue again. I really liked it. It felt powerful.

  • Wow, your pictures bring all my memories of my trip there in 2007 back to me! Did you climb the Sun and Moon pyramid?? I climbed the Moon and was then too exhausted to go up the Sun. Great pictures, and I’m so glad your family got the chance to visit. It is truly spectacular.

    • you climbed?!!! WOW!
      No, I didn’t. I’m really, really scared of heights and get vertigo, so I stayed at the bottom. Moxie was the only one who was chomping the bit to climb. She was dragging Mikey up.
      I’m glad we got to visit too. Are you going to go back now to show your daughter? I’ll bet she’ll love it!

  • Hi Meriah, we want to get out to Teotihuacan with our kids this spring, as we were so awed by them when we visited them many years ago. Just beautiful. On another note, do you guys still have Impetigo spreading around? If yes, you can pick up a tube of Bactroban at any pharmacy in Mexico. Apply a dap on all “sores” with a Q-tip (don’t share them, use as many as needed) and even put a small amount on the inside of each nostril as that is where it starts. It works magic – we keep a tube on hand! Good luck killing it. 🙂

  • Those are the cutest wild dogs I’ve ever seen. Way cuter than the mangy, feral ones I ran into when driving through Ecuador… LOL. I’m impressed that Moxie climbed those stairs! How old is she? My kids would be whining the whole time. :/

  • Beautiful pics as always. This was THE place Anders wanted to go last year but we didn’t make it, now its not right up there on his list but certainly it is for me.

    • oh, you guys would have a blast!!! I’d love to take your family photos on the pyramids. That would be beyond cool. Hugs to Anders, I really like that boy.

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