Thank You, Grandpa

Grandpa, Thank you

Meriah Nichols-1

Thank you for loving me

Meriah Nichols-9

Thank you for believing in me

Meriah Nichols-8

Thank you for always being on time

Meriah Nichols-7

Thank you for showing up

Meriah Nichols-6

Thank you for your laugh

Meriah Nichols-5

Thank you for explaining mechanics like you thought I could understand

Meriah Nichols-2

Thank you for your simplicity

Meriah Nichols-3

Thank you for your stories

Meriah Nichols-1-2

Thank you for looking at me like I had made you proud

Meriah Nichols-4

Thank you supporting my dreams, even when they must have seemed so whack to you

Thank you for always seeing the positive in me

Meriah Nichols-1

Thank you for trusting me

Thank you for making me feel like someone special

Meriah Nichols-3

Thank you for your frugality

Thank you for your generosity

Meriah Nichols-2

Thank you for showing me how to take care of a family


It’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around a world that you are not in anymore, Grandpa.

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