update from mexico

ah! The kids are sleeping and here at the Yeneka Inn, there is a Image Quest V560 that everyone is welcome to use. Complete with sticky keyboard with the cool spanish markings. It´s fascinating! And I´m having a hard time typing. Please forgive my more-than-usual mistakes….

Anyway. I`m going to start off with breasfeeding. We had been in Mexico for less than 24 hours and I had already seen not one but TWO Mexican women breastfeeding. One blew me away because she was walking with the baby in her arms and the huge furry blanket over the baby. WALKING and breastfeeding, with the baby in her arms! WOW. Mikey was like, she,s your new hero, huh? Yep. That´s about right.

I really don`t understand… why do lots of women here breastfeed – in public! – and I never once in all my time in Fruitvale, EVER see a woman breastfeed? I only see formula…(which I have yet to see here).

The other thing – people here speak better English than I do. Mikey loves speaking Spanish and he`s always asking for things in Spanish and people will respond to him in Spanish. Then I´ll ask a question in English (like I did in the bus terminal, with what are they building over there?) and they`ll respond in English (oh, a Walmart… yeah…but it´s good for our local economy).

We are in La Paz now. It`s pretty cold. Beautiful. It´s like Santa Cruz, California with a little bit of Ariquippa, Peru thrown in. We are eating a lot. Walking a lot (I really should have brought better walking shoes!). Micah has already gotten sick from the bus, so he`s rather understandably wary about future bus rides (but what about my puking? he asks). We are SO FREAKING happy we brought the BOB!! That was one of our smartest moves, ever.

Must go now. I hear little voices.

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