We Had a Big, Huge, Glorious Party

You know, everyone except Mack had or will have a birthday in the first two weeks of May. In light of that, and of leaving soon for the Pan Am Overland, we thought we’d go all out and have a party. We just don’t do that sort of thing normally.

We are ridiculously introverted and private.

Funny, huh, considering that I write this blog and all! 

I think only a small handful of my closest friends have ever visited my home on any occasion. I just don’t usually invite people over and since Mikey doesn’t either, well, we are left with Micah who pretty much invites THE WHOLE WORLD in. Like, literally – he stands on the porch and calls out, “COME ON OVER AND PLAY!

With our minds set on a PARTY, we invited a lot of people and I think 99.5% of those invited RSVP’d “coming”. I freaked out and spent about two days sweating through preparations. I really don’t know if it would have been any better if I put on parties more often? Like, I’d be more assured and know *exactly* what to get and so forth?

I have no idea. And I was trying to figure out how much of whatever we’d need, trying to collect it all with 3 kids around me: crying, fighting, playing, screaming, bucking, needing something from me every minute of the dang day.

So anyway, the day came and I had been up since dawn trying to clean and get ready and LO, it was 10 o’clock and people were showing up and we were NOT READY and I was trying not to panic or freak out even more than I was. My friends Katie and Katherine – BLESS THEM FOR ALL ETERNITY, PLEASE GOD – went right to work, taping up paper, setting up the food. My sainted mother was in line at Costco all morning, picking up the cake and pizza.

Somehow. It all came together.

I think it’s because we have really lovely friends – old friends and new friends. And all of them, delightful.

I think it’s because the sun was perfect, the air was full of the sounds of kid’s laughter.

It was because people were content to just paint and play and bang a cool pinata.

It’s because… well, maybe I don’t know why, but I’m really happy that our one and only BIG party was a lot of fun.


A bunch of kids at the party got to the presents before a responsible adult who could record who-gave-what did. This means I have NO IDEA who gave us what (unless you gave it to me directly). ARGHHHH. Please, if you can, either let me know what you gave or accept our sincere and blanketed notes of appreciation? I am so sorry.


If you live in the Bay Area and we did not invite you, know that it was because this was totally kid-focused. Trust me: without a kid there, you would have been pretty miserable.

If you have kids and we didn’t invite you, it wasn’t intentional! I’m sorry! Forgive me! I’ll try and make it up to you! I swear!


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